Seaman specialists time at sea??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sweater_vest, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. I am 17, and applying for the role of Seaman Specialist. I had my interview a few weeks ago and the AFCO appeared to be surprised that I wasn't a total dumbass expecting to be banging guns and apprehending pirates every other day, the ads really do attract some "special" people. I was wondering would my role be full time on a ship out at sea? If so then great, but from what I know (not much at all really) most roles have a job at sea /on deployments and ashore they do something else. If anyone could clear this up it would be great. Also what type of ship would I be most likely to be put or is it totally luck of the draw.. frigates,destroyers,carriers all great, anything smaller = my nightmare.
  2. Far from being a nightmare smaller ships can often be much more fun. Because there is a small ships company you are much more likely to be involved in more on a day to day basis than on a "big" ship. Plus the crew tends to be friendlier and small ships get to go into harbours where others would not be welcomed which has it's benefits. There are exceptions to every rule though as I'm sure someone will point out.
  3. You won't be deployed all the time, as being deployed for too long really upsets people and that can lead to them leaving entirely - which is bad during the current manpower shortages and low budgets of the Navy. You can say which ship you'd most prefer, but it really comes down to the needs of the service first and foremost. However it's not as if you'll only ever serve on 1 ship forever. As a seaman specialist you can expect a lot of time at sea I think; much like the Warfare branch. I don't know what you mean by full time out at sea - you're always there, aren't you? So in that sense it's full-time. But you will of course, like other crew, have time to yourself to eat/work/study/sleep etc.
  4. Zeb

    Zeb Badgeman

    My son has just finished his training for seaman specialist. I think they all got their first choice of base plus they requested which type of ships they preferred and were then given one
  5. Yeah I meant 'full-time at sea' meaning from what I know rates like aircrewman when they are not aboard a ship they have a job like running parts around the base (I could be completely wrong) so I was wondering if there was anything similar for my role
  6. I was told just this Monday that the Royal Navy doesn't have any manpower issues at my local AFCO and waiting times to join are increasing again!!

    Perhaps I was just being fobbed off?

    @Ninja_Stoker is any of this true?
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Manning levels are improving, but it would be premature to suggest we are 'toppers'. We are short of Chefs, Stewards, Writers, Logs SC and all submarine branches. We have a surplus of applicants for Aircraft Handler, Aircraft Controller, ET(WE), Sea Spec and Diver at present but, in many areas that is simply due to the size of the branch/number attracted to the job. Most branches are otherwise around about a six to 12 month wait to join due to the people already in the pipeline. The Navy is the smallest of the three services, so there are a finite number of jobs. I think I read somewhere that MacDonalds currently have more employees than the Navy, but less trades.

    I couldn't imagine why any recruiting organisation would wish to fob anyone off, to be honest. There are jobs available.

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