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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ashton, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Can someone explain to me in detail what types of jobs do the seaman specialists do please?
    No hateful comment's please.
  2. ¿Ha intentado utilizar el servicio de búsqueda, Amigo Mia?
  3. si pero no he encontrado nada.
  4. Que bueno! Intiendo!

    Gilipollos :D
    I love that word!
  5. Gilipollos? dios mio k palabrotas no jajajaja
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

  7. Why are we all speaking a foriegn language hahahaha
  8. Its a newbie fing innit :D :headbang:
  9. You started it with your first post.
  10. And 'cos you is 'avin considerabubble trouble wi' Engleesa, innit :evil:
  11. hahaha but that link still doesnt answer my question but thanks :)
  12. They learn how to use the apostrophe correctly.
  13. Well, some of them...
  14. Whilst you search around - here is a clue among the pearls of wisdom from Nov 2007, (posted by the famous newbie Chicogiz, who joined HMS RALEIGH earlier this year.)

    <<M8 for me it has to be seaman but i have been looking at warfare spec aswell incase i wanted to draft to subs later in my career but im choseing seaman now because driving ribs etc is cool and plus ive heard its a lot more fun branch but there must be bad things to as on all jobs but you have to make the decision on what you want to be yourself.>>

    :idea: Aside - As part of your English self-improvements you could try to spot a mistake (or two) in that otherwise impeccable post.
  15. Just wanna get this out in the open
    Are people really this sad on a navy forum, honestly I expected help not petty critisisms.
    I know some of you have served in the navy but why do you come on newbie forums if all your going to do is pick out petty problems?
    Is it because you cant correct anyone who doesnt use the newbie forums?
    Or is it that you want to teach but you dont have the qualifications?
    Or maybe just maybe your life is so boring you have nothing else to do apart from pick on people?

    I dont mean to get angry or disrespectful but theres only so much petty stuff you can take. I came on this website looking for answers not to be picked on.
    I know how to speak and spell the English language but when im typing fast i dont really feel the need to add apostrophe's and spell everything correctly.
    Im really passionate about joining the Royal navy but alot of you have burst my bubble.
    If some of you are the kind of people I would have to work with i dont know what i would do probably jump of the ship with 300 kilo weights strapped to my legs.

    I've added spelling, capitles and apostrophe's mistakes hope you can all spot them :)
  16. Thanks for the post but trust me my English is fine. I could correct that in seconds if I had to but i dont feel the need to prove myself. I know my English is good. Not on the internet no because I dont try to be the best at English or anything like that and if my English is so bad the Royal navy would tell me to study English not maths or maybe do you the the Royal navy standards are slipping?
  17. A bit of advice.

    In the RN, people will take the p*ss out of you and will expect you to take the p*ss out of them too. It's one of the ways of relieving the stress in a very demanding environment. It's not malicious, it's just banter. There are other ways of relieving the stress but these are best left until you are ashore or in your pit and think no one is listening.

    You will find most of the answers to your questions have already been answered elsewhere and using the Search feature will find these previous posts.

    Hope this helps.
  18. Yes it does, Thanks and it actually makes sense but I dont appreciate when I ask a question and just get sarcastic comments back but yeah thanks I just thought.... well you know what i thought but thanks :)

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