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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by peaky15, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. hello everybody, dont know whether this is the right place to ask, but here goes, I am 15 years old and looking to join the royal navy next year as a seaman specialist, please could someone tell me if seaman specialists serve on land on the front line or are sea based at all times, sorry if this is a stupid question, but all advice will be very much appreciated, thank you all in advance
  2. I have to laugh, i just have to. Escape whilst you can mate. Give your nearest AFCO a call.

    Incommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming! :D
  3. So far as I am able to ascertain ,with so few ships that float, you will be hard pressed to spend a fraction of your time at sea. You will get more sea-time in on a Cross-Channel Ferry
  4. According to the RN website downloadable pdf file about Seaman Spec, ahem:

    As a Seaman Specialist, your job
    is to steer the ship, operate as
    lookout, monitor ship routines
    and communicate with other
    ships. You will also be part of the
    ship’s boat crew – trained to crew
    the fast rigid inflatable boats in all
    kinds of conditions.
    You will have a wide range of
    responsibilities, including resupplying
    the ship at sea, anchoring and
    berthing the ship, steering the ship
    and maintaining equipment on the
    upper deck.
    In times of action, you will also
    operate the ship’s close-range
    weapons from the upper deck and
    be part of the team that loads the
    long-range weapons and ship’s
    decoy systems. Whenever the ship
    is in port, Seaman Specialists use
    rifles to protect the ship from
    close-range attack or sabotage.
    Everyone on board a ship is part of
    a team, so we need people who
    are not afraid to muck in. As well
    as the exciting times, there are, as
    with any job, the everyday routine
    duties that involve cleaning and
    keeping the ship safe from fire
    or damage.

    Available by clicking this blue writing.
  5. A mixture of all of them. :thumright:
  6. This has to be a joke.
  7. You would have thought so, wouldn't you.

    However, as someone that has, indeed, looked back over posts long gone in the newbie section, are you really surprised?

  8. What are you implying here? :laughing6:
  9. I'm convinced this is a joke, first post, newbie question, in current affairs.
  10. Maybe he is a 15 year-old looking for a answer...
  11. You realise of course that if you pass your AET course but fail to pass the LAET qualifying course (which I am led to believe is the same standard as the old mechanician course) you will be an AET for the rest of your service career. In my day the failure rate on mechs course was fairly high.
    As a seaman spec his chances of passing for leading hand and then PO are statistically better.
  12. thanks for that black2blue, thats exactly what i am and what i am looking for
  13. It was always the standing joke. Want promotion - fishead first. WAFU - what promotion!!!!

    But you couldn't wack job satisfaction.

    All past tense now. Days gone by and all that.

    Like the Labour party. The RN should be rebadged New Navy!!! (Only joking before anybody thinks I'm serious!!!!!) :safe:
  14. Have you looked at that pdf file I linked for you?
  15. Ohhh, cut and paste to my "tidbits" I will... :thumright:
  16. hello lamri, yes i did, thank you, reading it though, it doesnt actually say that seaman specialists are obliged to serve on the front line, or if it does, i missed it and am sorry for being so ignorant.
  17. A Ship is classed as front line peaky.
  18. Are we to understand that you have reservations of serving on the "front line"?

    Are you viewing this with whats going on in Afgan in mind, such as RN pers serving with RM Logs as drivers/fitters/etc?
  19. i really like the idea of serving in the royal navy and defending the ship etc, but was just after an answer to the question of whether or not i will be expected to serve on land, i know it probably sounds stupid but i thought people on here would be able to give me a straight answer.
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have you tried on your mums rubber gloves?

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