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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by monty_trials, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. I have not long passed my aptitude test and have a interview in about a weeks time for Seaman Specialist

    I have looked every where but cant find anything on eye sight for this trade. My optition told me I meet VA3, which is standared 3 on the form that we are given for the test.

    Is there any Seamen Specialist on here that could tell me if there is a certain eye sight standered for this trade?
  2. Didn't realise you needed a good eyesight to paint the ships side!!!!!
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Here y'are Lofty- big letters for the hard of hearing- same question-same answer!

  4. It still does not answer my question, as in USUALLY va2, plus my AFCO said he didnt know????? Sorry but its really bugging me!!! I dont want to not get in just because I wear contact lenses!!! :(
  5. Please put this old man out of his misery, WTF is a Seaman Specialist? Is it the same as an OM (Someone explain what that was ) Or is it the vanished term of Able Seaman, a chipper and painter? And before you start Flight Decks and Ringbolts belong to us WAFUS, or are they Air Specialists, FFS who thinks this shit up?

  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The reasons we have to be a bit vague with regard specific medical standards are because only the Medical Officer examining you has the expertise & authority to advise whether you are "fit for entry".

    A Careers Adviser does not have the authority to tell you whether or not you meet the required medical standards. He/She can advise you what the standards are for the branch, but not whether you meet them or not. Your optician has the expertise to tell you which visual acuity standard you are. Your Careers adviser can tell you what the branch requirements are, but not whether you have passed or failed.

    It's all down to litigation mate.

    Strange, but true.
  7. A seaman specialist is more to do with driving the small inflatable boats, useing the close range wepons and steering the ship. from what I have learned I dont think it has anything to do with painting or anything.
  8. WOW do you have to be able to spell to join up? And prepare yourself, who does the chipping and painting, pray tell? Is it the Tiffs, oops sorry, they don`t exist anymore either, do they? enjoy. This is me, fat dumb and happy.

  9. Monty_Trials,

    Get used to it. Its one of those things that aint said in the careers office.

    How good would the brochure look with a general day alongside.

    0800 Turn To, scrub 2J Flat
    1000 Stand Easy
    1015 Clean the aft heads
    1200 Scran
    1315 Polish 2J Flat
    1600 Duty watch muster, carry on cleaning until scran at 1730.

    Dont sound as appetizing as what you have been told does it? But I know which version I would believe
  10. Hig,

    A Seaman Specialist is one of the new ratings branches - basically the OM (Operator Maintainer) without the Maintainer bit, plus tactical comms.

    An OM was the combination of the Seamen, RPs, EWs, Missilemen, Sonar etc and WEMs resulting from the Warfare Branch development. The original idea was to get the operators to double up as maintainers in the Ops Room and Upper Deck.

    Basically, they've gone back to Seamen, Operators and WEMs, but they're not called WEMs anymore - the Tiffs and Mechs have now become Engineering Technicians - ETs. (Except for those wishing to stay as source branch)

    Oh, and the Operators are Warfare Specialists (AWT, UW, EW, AWW).

    And a new branch does General Comms and CIS - The CIS branch.

    Clear as mud now? ^~

    Edited for spelling

    Edited again for mongy grammar
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hig, Seaman specialist is the trade which the Chief Bosun's Mate (The Buffer-CBM) does- cordage, towing, knots, seamanship, boat-handling, husbandry, RAS's, all that stuff. It is actually quite specialist as the rest of us don't get taught all the knots'n'stuff to that degree anymore.

    Ask Norm who thinks it up- probably one of the plethora of "under employed" Admirals mate.

  12. My son wanted to join as Seaman Spec just over a year ago. He was VA3 on the eyesight and had a fairly limited choice of trades, seaman spec was not one of them I'm afraid. This was due to the need to watch keep and night vision etc. From memory VA3 choices were any of the engineering trades, chef, steward, stores accountant and I think that was about it. The AFCO he went to certainly knew the eyesight requirements for each trade, ie VA1 VA2, VA3, VA4 being unfit. He was gutted, but unless you go the laser surgery route (which is a whole new thread, and been covered on these boards many times) there doesn't seem to be alot you can do.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Clearly HB you've never read a careers publication or watched the branch DVDs as it does indeed explain that we do not fly a team of cleaners onto the ship/sub to clean up after us & that we all have to take turns undertaking communal tasks.

    You'd be surprised to learn that the careers office are legally obliged to tell you the facts.

    Whether you chose to listen is your business, but do not even bother trying to say that you were not told what the job entails.

    If you are that disaffected by what you claim to have been told- prove it otherwise.
  14. So in other words VA3 wont be good enough for seaman specialist?? Thats not good then is it!!! AWWWWCH!!! After reading that I have opened a bottle of vodka to numb the pain a little!!

    I have thought about laser surgery but I have heard the forces wont touch you if you have had it done???
  15. Ninja,

    Nothing to prove, having been medically discharged 6 years ago.

    Point I was trying to make is its not all boat driving, close range weapons and steering the ship.
  16. Don't you have to be able to stay within the lines?
  17. If they've been messing around with the branches, have they tampered with S+S?
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Fair call mate.

    The problem is trying to dispell urban myths to be honest. People often claim the careers office told them they can change branches & such like. People often only hear the bits they want to hear.

    When you actually look at the cleaning aspect of the job, the bitter truth is that many young lads (& yes, I do mean lads) have a bit of a shock when they join up & Mum isn't there to wash their clothes, do the ironing & clean-up after them.

    Looking at in in logical terms, when you think you have, say 170, people living in close proximity, it's essential that the environment & the people in it are kept as close to sterile as possible. I'm the first to agree it's a pain, but that is the nature of the job. After all, we appear to be suffering from less cases of MRSA than the NHS. :mrgreen:

    The other problem, & again you're right, is that the visual perception of the RN/RM is often interpreted as some sort of fantasy adventure world. The bare reality, that is often overlooked, is that when all is said & done, it's a job. It can be tedious or dramatic, not to mention highly dangerous, but it's still a job. :thumright:
  19. You mean the Logistics branch, surely?


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