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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by stabradop, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi All

    I am popping down to the AFCO near me on Friday to get the ball rolling with regards to joining up.

    My first trade choice is Seaman Specialist as it looks like a varied kind of job and plenty of sea time. I'm also looking to join the Fishery Protection Squadron as a first draft.

    I was wondering if you experience matelots out there could give me any advice on (mainly) the trade and (additionaly) the draft I am after.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I doubt the experienced hands could give you much help, since the Seaman Specialist branch you're looking at is less than a year old and not what the regulars round here would remember.

    However, the new branch (which you can join as an Able Rate) can be described as a cross between what most would remember as the RO(T) and Seaman trades. You'll be doing lots and lots of upperdeck work. Visual signalling with flags, flashing light, etc... Working on the bridge as Bosun's Mate (driving the ship) or manning a Tactical Voice circuit (not confirmed, can anyone shed any light?) and of course, the traditional Seaman stuff like Replenishments at Sea and lots and lots and LOTS of painting, chipping and cleaning.

    As for Fishery Protection as a first draft... hmmm. Ordinarily I'd say fat chance! You generally require a recommend on a report after a first Sea Draft to get small ships (except for certain trades like Diver, Hydrographer or Mine Warfare) but as your chosen branch is so new, there are going to be billets on small ships that need to be filled. So in the case of your branch, I wouldn't be much surprised if a first sea draft to a small ship was on the cards.
  3. You might want to think about qualifications and experience when you want to leave the mob.... Prior planning and all that.....
  4. You leave, 20 years pass and what happens :?

    I spent some time in the Seamanship School in Vernon (circa 1986) working on the exam curriculum with the intention of getting the seaman specialist qualification recognised. I seem to remember that you had to be a killik before you could choose the specialism - doubtless the intervening years have changed that.

    I would suggest that you consider the blue water fleet for more interesting seamaship evolutions.
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I understand that there's a FTM circulating that identifies how Tactical Comms services are to be provided - my understanding is that the new Seaman branch will be responsible for Tac voice on the bridge - I can't remember however, who will be the Ops Room tac operator (but I do know the Yeoman role in the Ops Room is gone).

    As a small ships rating (from when the RNR had some!) I'd think that the Fish Boats or MCMVs would be an ideal environment in which to practice being a 21st Century Seaman Spec. Good luck!

  6. Afraid so. Seaman Spec is now a direct-entry branch. Civvy one day, Spec the next. Only changed this year I think.

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