Seaman Specialist/Warfare Specialist


Hi Guys,

Ive got an officer application with the RN for position of a Warfare Officer, HOWEVER i have taken the psychometrics before and failed, so as a back up plan for failure again (just in case) ive decided to pursue an application as a rating, in case i do fail.

But i was wandering if someone could enlighten me on the roles of seaman specialist and warfare specialist, possibly people who have had exeprience in these roles, as the RN website and my AFCO weren't extremely helpful! Just wandering if i could get an insiders point of view on these roles.



Are the RT officer scores required higher than ratings? Ie would this guy have to score higher than a warfare specialist to pass as warfare officer?


Hi guys,

As your aware just passed my psychometric tests so I can carry on with my application as a Warfare Officer. And I've also just passed my eye test with 6/6 vision.
BUT I've got a sift interview coming up and I just wandered if anybody had any idea/experience with what will come up in teh sift interview?? Any specific or generic questions and answers that I can expect?

Would be grateful for the help guys.