Seaman specialist officer role?

I was wondering if their are any roles similar to seaman specialist , but as a officer as opposed to a rating.

If not what would the closest possible role to that of seaman specialist but for an officer.
Warfare Officer is the option you require. How ever they don't do seamanship like the ratings do seamanship. They are part of ship officers
If you want to be an Officer, but have an interest in seamanship then, as has been pointed out above, Warfare Officer is your direction. Indeed, when I joined the RN we were Seaman Officers and, I for one, was proud of it. However, as Tommo alludes to, there is seamanship and seamanship. As a Sea Spec rating it will be hands on hard work, pulling on ropes, rigging and working replenishment rigs, anchoring etc. Many, so called, Warfare Officers shy away from this role as they either don't understand it and/or don't want to get their hands dirty. Many of us though make a point of getting onto the upper deck for every major seamanship evolution and most of the minor ones because it is (a) our job, (b) our responsibility to make sure it is done safely, and the buffer, great guy that he is, doesn't have eyes in the back of his head, (c) we love it.

Also don't forget that shiphandling, navigation, meteorology and oceanography are all staples of seaman and, dare I say, mariners, the world over.

I applaud anyone who has a desire to put the seamanship back into warfare - go for it.
And they are generally dull and wear bright red/pink moleskin trousers. :wink:
Where as SUYs wear their blazer and pale slacks from M&S with pride :wink:

Anyway, back to Seamanship...

Obviously Sep86 has it all, but it's important to remember that there is very little "proper" seamanship training for Officers, and it shows. However, one might like to begin a discussion about the differences between Seaman Officers and Warfare Officers, and do we need both?

(This topic has probably been done to death, but lets get it going again!)
I'd say we don't need both as long as we, both as a Service and as individuals, are honest with ourselves about what we are and are not - especially those who think that because they joined up as Warfare Officers, they don't need to pay any attention to seamanship.

It is a bit tedious though, having to use the prefix Principle to distiguish yourself from an OOW. (And before anyone asks I kept a bridge watch last week).

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