Seaman specialist intakes


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He's expecting to join up soo and doesn't want to miss anything, He doesn't seem to realise that sometimes there is a wait of 12 months or more for some branchs.
I wasn’t expecting to join up “soon” I asked because I’m just wondering how often Sea specs are taken to Raleigh, I know there is a wait and I’m also a female thank you very much don’t appreciate your sarcasm when I’m genuinely just wondering about something thanks


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@Manchester3110, @janner is correct there is sometimes a wait list for some branches to join the RN. The AFCO will be your best POC for your joining timeline. I can tell you for certain that there is 5 (starting at 2 month intervals) courses run a year for Phase 2 SEA training (FY 18/19), with up to 16 in each class. This then has to line up with Raleigh entries and getting all the stars aligned to get all the AFCO's recruits to join the same Phase 1 entry, before moving seamlessly into Collingwood for your onward training before heading back to Raleigh for your Phase 2B.

As you can see there are a lot of moving parts and this takes time, especially with lots of other recruits wanting to join. Top and bottom, stay in good comms with the AFCO and they should keep you updated with your journey.

Good luck.