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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mictu, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Hello RR. I changed roles from Warfare Specialist to Seaman Specialist because I thought if the waits were that long then I may as well do something that seemed that seemed the most interesting job rather than joining for a shorter wait time.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what happens after phase 1 training because I know that you have to stay at HMS Raleigh but do you do phase 2 at any other locations?

    Also is there anyone else out there who is waiting to join as a Sea Spec who could share the latest news of their application because I passed my RT August 2010 and my AFCO said that I should expect to go in around September/October time next year.

    Thanks a lot
  2. You'll need a big rigging set, I can tell you that much
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  3. Is that big rigging or well Ri(I need to stop and keep at least one thread out of the gutter?)
  4. Why on earth would you want to do that ?^_~
  5. To keep my mind fresh and innocent for at least split second a day
    AAARRRR sod it does he need a big todger?^_~^_~^_~^_~
  6. Well his aim in life is to become a dabber !!, He needs something to cheer him up :razz:
  7. well I suppose he does, but he started it, by starting a thread "Seman Specialist Info" thought it was anther W****r after a bite?
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  8. Fair enough, the title did kind of set me up for that :blackeye:. Apart from the very helpful advice about rigging is there actually any knowledge I could use in my interview? Or do I trust in your infinite wisdom and give them all of this information I have just read?
  9. To
    answer your original question I do not know, not an ex dabber, and branch names
    have changed a bit, but I am sure if not already on this site there is someone
    that can inform you of the difference in the dabber branches in my day there
    were 2 TAS apes and RP's

    As for waiting 3 years to join? that’s dedication in my day it took as long as
    the recruiting office took to process the paperwork and sort out a medical, I
    applied in my last year at school should have joined in the July after leaving
    school but delay until the Sept due to age.
  10. Ah ok well thanks anyway. 3 years seems like a very long time, I even held off uni to join as quickly as possible and reading the thread about the OU makes it seem like the best decision. The branch names seem to change quite a lot because a lot of people my dad knows who served in the Falklands War get confused. It was the same for my dad joining the paras back then, go to the office and you are in pretty much straight away. How times have changed...
  11. You will do 'Spec' training at RALEIGH and 'tactical comms' training at MWS Collingwood. I'm not at work for a fair while so I can't find out the exact mix and length of time for each part, but it's a fairly hefty time. Most of the Specs who work for me like it, although they tend to get the shittier end of the stick when compared to branches like Logs(SC) or Writers, but against that they can doing interesting things like Advanced Tactical Cox'ns course.
  12. Ok thank you that was very helpful as I thought most of it was at Raleigh. And what you said about the interesting things is why I chose the job; it seemed a much more varied and interesting role.
  13. I had a varied and interesting roll, I think it was from Greggs.

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