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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by SJBrn, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I signed up to the Royal Navy back in Januray 2009 as a Seaman Specialist

    I'm still waiting on a date that should come through in a couple of months, but I have a few questions that I can't find the answers to. please help!

    1) SS's have to stand on guard when the ship is in port, does that mean I will get lesser time ashore than others? I'm just thinking that if i stand watch I can't go and experiance the others countries we port in.

    2) Also when comes to choosing a type of ship I would prefer and Assualt Ship or Aircraft Carrier, can anyone help me decide? good points, bad points for each?

    Many thanks

  2. All branches have to keep watches of one sort or another. While you are stood on the gangway with a rifle, the stokers will be in the machinery control room making sure the ship has electricity, the WE's will be walking around aimlessly making sure nothing explodes, the chefs will be feeding those who have stayed onboard and the stewards will be doing whatever it is they do. The amount of time you spend on the gangway varies from ship to ship, but a general rule is a duty watch every 4th day. Therefore you can get ashore during the other 3 days.

    Get yourself on a fighting 42. They are for winners. Big ships are full of WAFUs and booties.

    You're welcome.
  3. Thanks thats really helped me out, I was getting worried I would stand on watch all day.

    Also I was thinking of changing to WE, and wondered what it was like and also would it decrease my waiting. I know I'm probarly going in around August, thats using the waiting time they gave me. But if i change would it increase the months I have left of decrease?
  4. From my point of view WE is a better job, I've had a taste of both as an OM and I found WE more interesting and it put me in better shape qualification wise, also when the Specs are stood on watch in the freezing cold, the WEs are usually chilling out in the mess.

    Seaman Spec is still good though and there are few things more fun than tearing about on RIBs. Taking the wheel of a massive warship is also a great dit for impressing the chicks with. And yes, I would've thought changing your mind this late in the game will mean your joining date is put back, but Ninja_Stoker or Supermario will be able to tell you for sure.
  5. thanks for the insight, see im torn between the two now. SS seems to do alot more out on deck and muck in, but I would like to be on an assualt ship and i suppose there is not much use for SS on them, thats what i read anyway.

    So if I become WE i could probarly be on the ship that i want?
  6. The WE(Surface) branch has a 30 months wait, the WE (SM) is currently waiting for 12 months but expecting it to increase at the end of the month.

    If you change branches, firstly your CA will need to make sure you got enough score on the RT for the WE branches (If not you will need to re-sit RT, this re-starts any waiting time from the new RT date), if your score is OK, then they will need to make sure your medical is OK for the new branch and finally re-interview you. They will have to re-move your current bid for entry and re-bid for the new branch, this can again re-start the waiting clock.

    If you are changing because you have had a change of heart about what you fancy doing in the RN then it may be worth it. If you are only doing it as you think it will get you in quicker think again.

    All this said the best advice I can give you is to talk to your own CA, they know you and your circumstances.

    Most warfare guys and girls will keep watches on the gangway. You will get time off to see the foreign countries you are visiting. As you were also told most branches will require to keep some sort of watch-keeping or duty onboard whilst in both foreign and UK ports.

    You will get plenty of chances once in training to make the decision on what type of ship you want to serve on, bearing in mind you might not get the type of ship you fancy if there are no vacancies at the time you complete training. All types of ships have both positive and negatives depending on your own personal preferences. Wait and you make up your own mind.

    Hope this all helps


  7. Thats mario, i was considering changing because I read that there was not much use for SS's on Assault ships and aircraft carries they are the two I most want to be on.

    Looking at what you said I think I'm going to stay with SS

    Also anyone know how long before my start date will i get told when my start date is, 3 months before or 2?

    big thanks
  8. There is probably much more scope for Specs on an assault ship than any other kind of ship due to it's sheer size and the amount of cranes, winches, davits etc. You need people to drive the actual ship, maintain all the cranes and davits, tie the ship up when you are alongside and guard it etc.

    In both jobs they will stick you where you are needed regardless of your personal preference. Later on in your career, there is probably more chance of getting a gucci shoreside job as a WE though.

    As you say, Specs get to spend a lot of time on the upperdeck. This is great in hot climates but pretty shit when you are off the coast of Scotland for 6 months. As a WE there is always an excuse to be down below or up top, therefore you can cater your working routines to your general surroundings. If you are working on the 4.5 gun for instance, you can spend the shitty days, down below maintaining the hoists etc. If the weather is good you can get some sunshine maintaining the gun itself.

    As said before, personally I preferred the WE side of things, there are others who will say the opposite. You will have to make up your own mind, but do be aware that any change now will probably effect your joining date.

    Edited to add: What Mario said.
  9. The allocator in Portsmouth tends to allocate in 4 months block, so normally you would get 3 to 4 months notice, but sometimes people are allocated at short notice due to entry drop outs


  10. thanks to the both of you, you have really helped with the questions I had. I have a clear head now and cant wait to join!

    many many thanks
  11. Good stuff, now get some snaggy dits posted up on 'Lils.

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