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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by robbo9, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. hello

    i am trying to make my spelling a bit better this time.

    My friend has just told me that Seaman Specalists do not get a single cabin on shore? is this true?
  2. so what accomidation do they get then?
  3. Robbo
    By the time that you have finished your exhaustive researches into the options available to you in all the branches of the RN, we would probably have already been amalgamated with starfleet command, and you would be entitled to your own cabin and as much time in the holodeck as you can handle.

    If, on the other had you where to join as a OM(SEA) in the near future your future would look something like this.

    Phase 1 training-Living in a mess deck at Raleigh
    Seamanship traning-Ditto, but in a smaller messdeck
    Tactical comms/gunnery training-Ditto but at Collingwood
    First Sea Draft-living in a mess deck of 24-36 blokes(This may sound shit, but trust me, its a scream). During your FSD you will be landed for what is known as harmony time. If you harmony time requires you to live in barracks, then you may get a single cabin, or you may live 4 to a room in the block. You may even get drfted to a AFCO near your home address. It might be worth your while finding out where your neaest AFCO is. They would be happy to answer as many bone questions as you can find to ask.

    Before you ask, an AFCO is the Careers Office.
  4. Robbo9 stop being a knob !!!
  5. you dont get it robbo do you? I cant tell you what accomidation they get, but the ACCOMODATION that i got was a mess full of bodies.With all the qualifications that you say that you have,thank god i went to school in the forties and fifties, and got no qualifications at all,are you sure your not still in a primary school?its only my opinion,but you are having us all on,are you?
  6. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    No offence to the Seaman Spec branch (oh,ok, some maybe!! :wink:), but Robbo seems to be setting his sights low with all his 'qualifications'.

    NVQ 1 in Dullardness doesn't count as a qualification Robbo.

    You are beginning to p1ss me off with all your bone questions.

    Anyway, it's my belief that you're better off in 2/4 man rooms when you're an able rate. More sense of camaraderie. If you don't believe me, do a stint at PJHQ where everyone has their own ensuite cabin (standfast the booties! Serves you right when you do things like thrash the dancefloor in the Naafi!) and there is no 'togetherness' evident whatsoever which is essential if you're going to enjoy life onboard in a messdeck. AND you will perfect the art of the stealth **** when you have to share a mess ashore!

    On a lighter note, when I got my PO's whilst at Northwood, I went from one cabin to another identical cabin and ended up paying almost double the accomodation charge!! Thredders!
  7. lived with 80 bods,after smn mess on a ddg,get a grip son!!!
  8. Robbo own up to it.... you are a schooly officer aren't you?
  9. Its the 1st Sea Lord in disguise,getting a feel of the site!!!!!
  10. Does show how things have moved on though.... I've seen a few threads on here from prospective Navy recruits, asking about pay and accommodation - the only thing I was concerned about was whether there'd be any decent food and whether the uniform was any good for pulling the birds!

    An, errrr, the answers were "yes" (occasionally) and "yes" (deffo)
  11. Acommodation??? Who give a shit. When do we get guns??????
  12. I think things have moved on a trifle since I had my one and only interview with my careers officer at school which went something like

    Have you considered Chartered Accountancy

    No and I don't want to do that, I am going to join the Nay.

    Oh have you considered being an artificer apprentice (It really was quite good that he knew about that)

    No I am going to Dartmouth.


    End of meeting.

    Today youngsters seem to plan out their first 40 years of working life long before they leave school and worry about things that I still don't worry that much about.

    We just went and did things and if it didn't work out you tried something else, My little brothers both had several careers before they settled down to what they enjoyed and were good at.

  13. Whilst Ling is on a 'Rambo' trip, any one else worried???
  14. Jenny-D

    No we love it that Ling is holding back the Yellow Hordes, that is except from Morecambe Bay, the problem will arise when he is to old and feels that he wants to return to Europe!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. As long as he stays in Bangkok we shold be OK.

  16. Oh come on shipmates, you have to admit that we all love things that go bang. Don't let the branch badge fool you, I am a peace lover really.
    I wish the whole world would just join hands and we could all be one big happy family.

    Of course, failing that we could round them up, put em in a field and

    Good old Kenny, whatever happened to him, did he get struck down by the gay plague?
  17. Where the hell hve you been?He koofed it from Aids years ago,well before his old Boyfriend Freddy Mercury.

  18. Is Aids not the "Gay Plague" Lingyai was refering to?

    Edited for spelling.

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