seaman spec OR warfare spec????

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by danielmurray17, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the the seaman and warfare spec roles. Ive read all the info on the website and in the brochures, dvd etc but i was hoped someone might be able to help me make a decision on which role to go for.

    I love the idea of driving the ship and being on the bridge as well as using the ships weapons but i can imagine there being alot of boring, repative sides to the seaman role too.

    Working in the ops room looks pretty amazing and i get the feeling it would be a better career move going for the warfare spec.

    I just cant make up my!
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hello Dan,
    Speak to your AFCO first before you decide and hopefully you'll get some good advice on here, there's 2 careers advisors and a large cross section of trades (too many WAFU's though), I'm an engineer so anything I tell you would be biased against your choices!
  3. Hi mate i'm warfare spec and i went through the same problem as you mate.

    i went for warfare mainly because it will be easyer to move to aircew from but also because it seemed a better job

    My AFCO basically told me that although seamen spec you get to fire the wepons and drive the ship ( the really cool stuff) you also get some pretty crap jobs like painting the ship, if you a hands on person go for it as it will probablly suit you better.

    With warfare though you get to fire wepons and look at pretty dots on a screen :)

    look at whats involved with the training as well like how long it is and where as that helped me a fair bit too.

  5. hi mate all i can tell you is the according to my AFCO the wait time for warfare is 18 months however seaman spec was a lot shorter,you cant make your decision based on this alone but you should probably take it into account if your hoping to join up sooner rather than later,good luck with whatever you decide to do
  6. Both jobs have the cool stuff the weapon systems,
    in one branch you do the crap jobs like paint the ship, drive the ships boats, drive the ship, use tactical comms, replenish the ship, come rain or shine hot or cold, the other you look at pretty dots on a screen in a not so dark room on your HF/VHF comms sat at the RADAR,sonar or EW equipment building a long/short range picture for the command the indoor just like a mushroom type of job
    You will still have to paint the ship it’s a whole ship thing as well as cleaning the ship and all the other communal task that you will be asked to do,
    Having done both jobs as seaman radar and a seaman specialist I still prefer to do the out door job I must be a hands on type of guy
  7. Cheers guys that's all really helpfull. I'm gonna give my afco a call today and find out about waiting times cos I just wanna be on a ship like now haha. Guess I'll just have to be patient like the rest of you.
  8. my waiting time hasn't been that long mate for wafare spec finished all mr recrutment stuff in december and got a place for may 17th i was told by my AFCO that seamen spc and warfare have the same sort of waiting

    well thats what i was told anyway
  9. This might be hypocritical, but you aren't exactly WS as you put it if you haven't exactly started training. Eh?
  10. its not hypocritical its the truth lol

    i realised how it sounded after i had made the post and didn't bother changing it lol

    ment it to sound like i had chosen it and was going warfare spec not that i was already.
  11. I meant it might be as i've probably said something like that before :oops:

    Ah well, no 'arm done

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