Seaman spec, GSSR or should i now say AWFP?????

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by GSSR_Vvd, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Just seen that with effect of 1st July that although "not official but widely agreed" that GSSR has been re-named Above Water Force Protection (AWFP)

    I've been in just under 36mths and already this branch has changed names twice now. I wander is this to confuse everyone so that there is a reason as to people not knowing what they are to be doing?

    "widely agreed"? Hmmmmm now when was this agreed? I havent heard anything about this in my Div meetings?

    o well, at least we enjoy our work :afro: :thumright:
  2. You changing your user name to AWFP_Vvd then ?
  3. We've heard all about it through unit emails... any reference to GSSR has been replaced by AWFP.

    Has the syllabus changed though? ie is the seamanship element still there, or is it all marksmanship now?
  4. Well KLNA i did think about that, very unthoughtfull of them to change their name. Don't they know i was using it as an online name!!!! Tut tut :farao:

    And dunkers, it may have gone down the route of marksmanship but as a laugh an oppo of mine who is eventually joining the RM has been focusing on his marksmanship stuff for the past year or so while not bothering to do the seamanship element of GSSR training, all in order to become a marksman. He did that and trhows it in everyones face who aint a marksman (all in jest). He wants to go on a wee jolly this month doing FP. I'm envious as i want to go but have a wedding to attend during the time they are away. So he gets his RNR 16 form filled out and takes time off work to be told that before he can go he has to go on his safe deck hand course to complete the very aspect of training which he didnt want to do.

    It made me laugh when i found out :lol: I'm sure there is a moral somewhere in that.
  5. Was funny at Divisions when the call of 'AWFP DIVISION, STAND AT EASE' got said, doesn't exaclty roll off the tounge as well as GSSR DIVISION.

    Above Water Force Protection? Oh well will get used to it soon.

    Honestly our branch is getting to be like the Prince of the RNR the Branch formerly know as.....
  6. Sorry but, i just can`t help laughing at this sort of stuff, FFS get a life Join the Real Navy and stop pissing about with all this prattle, you either want to or you dont, do not play the middle man. People are laughing at you. show some pride.
  7. Hig! get down off that fence before you hurt yourself :lol:
  8. Why not let yourself go, go to and let it all hang out.
  9. Hig you have never been and never will be RNR, so why don't you get a life and let the RNR be.

    If you don't like the threads you are not obliged to read them, you sad old git!
  10. No, you are quite right Phil, being the real thing pisses you guys off does`nt it? I`ve served my time have you? Don`t build it up to be something that It`s not, thats the problem with part timers. By the way how long does it take to become an AB ( if that term exists anymore)? How many weekends would that be?
  11. Hig there are, and have been, RNRs currently under fire from the Taleban and Iraqi terrorists, I fail to see how more real it gets than that?
  12. I don`t doubt it Dunkers, i just do`nt need people like phil to tell me to get a life, I may well be a sad old Git, but he still has to answer the question, how long does it take? And I`m not talking about Ex Sailors, I`m talking about the part timers that join up now. Are they ready for Iraq and Afghanistan this weekend? Cos if they are then this nation is in deep shit.
  13. It takes a certain kind of inferiority complex to look for people to look down upon amongst those that are try to do the right thing and rather than celebrating the fact that some people are prepare to give up their weekends and annual leave to serve their country, to some that will never be good enough and instead something to ridicule.

    That merely shows those individuals to be truly gutless. If you are that superior you have no need to point it out, everyone knows. The RNR have limited uses but those roles are essential to having a naval force that can do the business when asked and for a price the average citizen is prepared to pay.
  14. Guys, I agree with the last comment, why does "The Pig" have to put the RNR down, is it because his is that inferiour he has to justify how great he is. People in the RNR dont sign up for a number of reasons, it does not make them any less of a person that a full time RN person. At least they are trying to do something rather than sit at home on their PC looking for people to slag of.
  15. I have not intentionally put the RNR down, i do appreciate that there is a need for them and there always has been, it just appears that out of all the forums on this site, the RNR one I`m afraid comes across as " Look how important we are" They are no more important than anyone else, are we not all of one company? As for sat on my computer all day, being 68 years old and retired and not able toget about as much as i would like to be able to, lets hope that in your old age Speedster that you are more fortunate.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    For the purpose of being Devil's Advocate, going back to the original thread...

    Many branches in the RN have changed their name to reflect the role they do. I was an AB(Sonar) but was forced to become an OM(UW)1; not happy (life in a blue one, etc.) but did it because that's what I was paid to do .

    I then joined the Regulating Branch, but with effect from July 07 we are now officially known as the Royal Navy Police, because our role is more akin to the Army/RAF and civilian Police services.

    To put another slant on it, here's a joke.

    Q: How many RNR personnel does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Change? What do you mean, 'change'? Never..! 8O

    :lol: :wink:
  18. I think Hig has a fair point with regard to how some threads in the RNR forum come across but I think this is borne out of uncertainty about the RNR's future, yes of course the bosses ostensibly want to forward the RNR but these days the accountants have almost as much a say in what money is spent on in the Service as the top brass does. "Operational Capability" is the buzzword. To what extent does the RNR contribute to RN ops? This is the question that is asked at the top, and sadly if the RNR is not loud enough in justifying itself it will probably disappear. Only in Britain would be ever consider giving up a reserve of 2,000+ men especially when the navy is short of manpower, but as I say, it is not always about what the Service needs, it is about what it can afford with an ever-decreasing budget.
  19. A rose by any other name is still a rose. William Shakespeare said that I believe.
  20. A Chrysanthemum by any other name would be easier to spell
    I just said that. :w00t:

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