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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by SO2Seaman, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Seaman(Reserves) branch of the RNR you will shortly recieve a request from your PSIs for your email address. This is to allow me to have an all-encompassing and quick method of informing you of significant events and issues.
    The distribution list will not be availble to anyone else but myself, and the volunteer (who is not an IT numpty like myself) who will run it on my behalf. Should anyone wish to use the distribution list, other than myself, they can contact me through official channels and I will vet the request/act as gatekeeper.
    No items of a classified nature will be past on this new communications net.
    If you are unsure as to the applicability of such a system, talk to any C4ISR officer in your unit, who will extoll the virtues of the system.
    If you are the IT wizard that I need, please PM me and I will use a more formal method of comms.
    Thank you for your time, as soon as it is set up, we can all be much better informed on what is going on, and why - hopefully this will lead to less confused posts on this site.

    Yours Aye

  2. What a fantastic idea! Why didn't anyone else think of this sooner? :dwarf:

    Not before time. :thumright:
  3. The CIS Branch has been doing it for years. SO2 got the original distribution list by asking the RTCs for a list of all email addresses of CIS/C4ISTAR ratings and officers. It's not perfect because of joiners, leavers and change of email address but an effort is made to keep it up to date.
  4. I have to admit, I take no credit for the idea, as a C4ISTAR officer, I have been using the C4ISTAR distribution for years - there's no prizes for re-inventing a wheel!
    So far, responses on the more formal Comms Net have been good - so thanks to all concerned.
  5. I don't wish to sound pedantic, but I am going to anyway which I'm sure is ok at my age. The use of our unfortunate title of "Seamen(Reserves)" was only supposed to be for JPA purposes according to SO1's dit at Bisley. We are still AWFP. If this is correct why does our new branch badge have SEA and not AWFP on it? Did the budget only allow for three letters? Secondly, it makes you wonder why JPA couldn't be made to work when you type in AWFP but only if you type in Seamen(Reserves)? Perhaps its just me.
    Other than that I thought his dit was spot on.
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen
    I understand from the RFPOs that the collection of email addresses is going well - so thanks to all of you who have been involved.

    As for the comments about our Branch, we are now Warfare Seaman (Reserves). Nothing else. I understand the frustration about yet another name change, however this was caused by an alignment with our Regular counterparts. It is also unfortunate that we have the word SEA on our branch badge as, currently, we do not conduct any Seamanship training or evolutions - this is because it would involve a longer training pipeline and our Functional Employer requires sailors to do the task of Force Protection. I have a plan to gradually train our branch in Seamanship, more about that in the email I will send out to the branch shortly. Meanwhile, we will continue with the task in hand.

    And on the subject of emails - I am still after a volunteer to run the comms net for me - details to me by PM or through official channels - my email address is contained in the recent trawl to augment a FF/DD with 4 ABs.

    As this is not an official communications line, I won't be replying to any more posts about our name, our employment etc - perhaps I should log on incognito!

    Thank you

  7. Thankfully I am no longer serving in the RNR.

    I have no idea who SO2 Seaman is, his/her rank, or indeed what he/she is trying to achieve.

    I choose to join this site and enter into the discussions etc. but why should I give my private e-mail address out to a perfect stranger if I do not want to? Why should anyone give out an-email address?

    I am sorry SO2 Seaman - whoever you are or what position you hold - but if you can not manage your troops without using the e-mail for communications I for one consider that bad management.

    Just to let you know, I am an ex Lt Cdr RNR with several years full time experience, and am now in a management role in a multi-million dollar industry and if I were to communicate to my lads in this way nothing would be achieved. I am lucky to be able to say that I go back to the days when COs and Squadron Commanders knew their teams and were able to communicate with them directly.

    While it seems that your idea is to communicate with your team through their personal e-mail accounts, what is wrong with a traditional news letter, or indeed actually getting out there and speaking to people directly?

    Maybe I have got the wrong end of the e-mail stick here but if so, it just proves how potentially dangerous e-mail communicationcan be. If people can not question your plans/strategy directly, get the wrong message and go down the wrong road you have no come back at all.

    Get out there, speak to your troops and stop hiding in an office!

    Rant over.

  8. Lt Cdr

    Given the numbers and geographic spread of that particular parish it's about the only way to consistently get communications to people in a timely manner. All branches nowadays are served by most training units. One could of course rely on the units to get stuff out to people, but that's notoriously difficult, and there are increasing numbers who focus on their branch rather than their unit so even that method is unlikely to be consistent.

    Or indeed sending a newsletter out by email in pdf format?

    Around thirteen main units plus five(?) satellite units? Training weekends do provide an opportunity, but even then it's a fairly significant load.

    fwiw I understand that the longstanding C4ISTAR model is quite useful, it lets people get sight of opportunities, training and policy in a timely manner without being reliant on a flaky training unit organisation.

    In that, I'd agree. If the label is in use one should be prepared to answer the questions when asked.
  9. McC - I have PMed you

    Karma - thanks for your post

  10. I have to disagree with you McLoggie. I think its a brilliant idea.

    If you read the June Navy News page 34 some dimwit has suggested getting rid of the RTC's. How would you suggest he get out and meet his troops then? Door to door service?

    These days with the RNR perminant staff manpower being halved in most units one person being away from their desk for a week can delay information being relayed to the troops. In many cases this leads to a poor turn out for training and deployments simply because people do not know about it.

    In other cases, and i'm sure people will back me up on this, units have been know to purposely hold back signals on training opportunities that they do not want their people to hear about.

    The RNR is renowned for their lack of good communication and i for one applaud anyone who actually does something about it. Our unit still hasn't been informed about Crowborough or Its a knock out and we have yet to be asked to provide our contact details for SO2. We managed to form a team for Bisley at just a weeks notice. Through RR I've found out about these things and informed the troops in our unit. These examples alone prove that something is needed.

    May i suggest that you come into the 21st Century. Most multi million pound companies use emails as the primary means of communication.

    I'm not sure what rank has to do with anything but for the record I'm just a lowly AB currently serving in the RNR and i work for a multi million pound building company controlling the finances of several projects worth over £3million pounds each.

    Using email in this way is not something new, most RTC's use email for communications and have done for some time all that is happening is they're cutting out the middle man, thus reducing the potential for miscommunication.
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I think the idea is a very good one indeed - its been an excellent method of disseminating information in a hurry to C4ISTAR branch members which ranges from sports and socials, to short notice deployments. I would go so far as to say that this has helped maintain the reputation of the branch as we can respond far more quickly to operational requests than would otherwise be the case. I'm thinking of a recent request for augmentation filled in 48hours and not 3 weeks using the old system!

    Email is a vital means of doing business now in a rapidly moving RNR. If you don't want to give your personal email then set up a new one purely for branch email if its that difficult for you.
  12. Hear hear...couldnt agree more..its negativity like that we need to get away from..any move to improve communication in any form should be supported not denegrated...!!

    Besides his original post was addressed to members of the Seaman(Reserves) branch and as you put it "Thankfully your not in the RNR" so why the need for a rant!!!
  13. BUT why do I have to pay to maintain a civvie email due to the pusser being crap at comms.
    Lets see you put a claim in to JPA for that cost!
  14. aol, yahoo are just two email services which are free. :thumright:
  15. It is a sad day when CMR staff have to resort to this forum to communicate with their people!
  16. Sadly PC's and Internet connections are not.
  17. And before someone suggests it, none of the above can be accessed via DII.

    I might be wrong, but this whole thread sounds like another SO2 trying to make a name for themselves to secure a Brass hat. (yes I am a bitter and twisted cynical old Git!!!)

    All incomming gratefully RX'd :threaten:
  18. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Knowing said SO2s track record, he's done more than enough to earn a brass hat anyway. The fact that he's doing something sensible and positive and that old farts are being so derogatory says a lot about the schisms in todays RNR IMHO.
  19. Didn't hinder your participation on Rum Ration, did it?
    You could always become an MP and get one paid for (from John Lewis, no less!) :money:
    Seriously though, if you can honestly claim the only use you have for your PC, internet and email has been forced on you then you may have a point.
  20. .......they can access RR but do not have a PC or internet connection??????

    ooops. Just read bottom post. Great minds think alike, eh JB :thumright:

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