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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Dannielle, Aug 15, 2015.

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  1. Has anyone still not heard anything from the sift? I thought i would have heard by now.

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  2. I haven't either! I emailed them and they replied saying mine hasn't been sent out yet and that I will hear back within the next couple of weeks!
    I've stopped rushing for the postman now I know that.
    Hoping it's a positive tho!
  3. I assumed that i would hear pretty quickly i can only assume that everyone is in the same boat. Good luck! Hopefully its good news. Do you know when the interviews are??

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  4. I know of a few that have heard back and received rejection letters (don't give up!) I'm hoping now there arranging times/dates for the those of us who haven't heard
    Good luck to you also.
    I have no idea other than there September/October time
  5. Seems plausible. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later & they give plenty of notice if accepted for an interview.

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  6. If it gives you some additional cause for hope, I can confirm that I have received a letter of rejection from the RFA Seaman apprentice sift, dated 06/08/2015, needless to say a massive disappointment to me and still getting over it.

    I know how much it meant to me and probably means just as much to others that have applied, so no sour grapes and wish all those that are waiting to hear the best of British (luck).

    I'm off now to lower my flag a little, massive boo hoo.
  7. My advice after just been through the process and being successful is don't give up! A lad in my psychometric test was on his 5th attempt!
    A bit of advice if successful is be prepared to wait as things seem to take time (it took me 8months to get a formal offer and a start date).
    As for interviews if you are chosen do your research they will expect you to know about the post you've applied for, the role of the RFA as well as the usual HR questions.
    Once through interview you will have to be SC cleared, (which takes time in itself) pass ENG 1 medical, apply for a discharge book, have a whole load of vaccinations before any formal offer is made.
    They rely on you getting information back to them in a timely manner, failing to can result in the withdrawal of job offer.

    Hope this helps?
  8. This is great thanks toffo. Quick question, i have completed a security clearance this year for when i applied to rn will i have to complete another?

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  9. Not sure however I am led to believe it's easier the second time round! When did they say the sift would take place?
  10. They said it was 03/08 - 04/08

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  11. Drop them a line, however my experience was it all took time, fingers crossed!
  12. Got my letter today interview on the 10/09

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  13. Me too :)
  14. Congrats

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  15. Bit of a heads up- start researching where their ships are what they are doing etc as well as everything about the role you are applying for, they will want to see you know what you are getting into, be confident (not cocky) they will also ask about what you will be doing during training so have some answers for that as well, be honest if you don't know the answer to something just say!

    Good luck
  16. Thank you, much appreciated!
    Feeling a bit more real now, one step closer. I've been given a hotel to stay in the night before, anyone else?
  17. It's not a bad hotel that one. Hope you get a room with a view.....I did (of the bathroom window of a room opposite!)
  18. Thabsk very much toffo. Helps alot.

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  19. Sjc26 i am travelling down from scotland & i thought i would have a hotel & travel arranged for me but i have had nothing. I was going to ask in my confirming email.

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  20. You should email as soon as. They'll book one for the night before or on the day. I had one for the night before so I could be fresh in the morning.

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