Seaman Apprentice May 2016 Start


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Evening, just done my RT. How long is the wait for results. Thank you for any information. Good luck for your courses.
Some people have been told within 24 hours, others have had to call recruitment after a week as nothing has been heard.
I heard back the next day, which took me by surprise as i heard how slow they can be sometimes. The whole thing is a slow process. Put my application in, in August and got my start date for 1st of May so its about 9 months for the whole thing like Jamie said.


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I am hoping to go to raleigh in May if the passport office pull their finger out their arse and bloody sort my passport out.
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Just spoken with RFA office, they have my result but can't be given over the phone. They are going to send me a letter with the details. Fingers crossed its a good result.