Sealion Crew 1972

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by skyvet, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. For any other ex-Sealion crew out there, here's a crew photo taken alongside in Dolphin after FOSM's divisions in 1972. My thanks to Bill (my ex-Polto) for sending this.[​IMG]

    ps : I'm the good looking one here -

  2. How was the sonar maintainer ? Was it Harry Dixon?
  3. Polycell - you know how it is with advancing years - the memory fades! have to be honest and say I can't remember many of the names, but Harry Dixon does ring a bell somewhere in the depths.
  4. He was a shortish with short blondish hair POCEL
  5. hi skyvet also got that picture know the names ofsome of the crew but alass age catches up with one will also email you the song book which you know i have a copy . I am in the front 6th from left 5th from right
  6. Cheers Oppo - an email of the Sticky Songbook would be VERY much appreciated! I fear my copy got left behind in a loft during a house move, along with all my piccies etc.

  7. I served at FOSM Northwood in the mid eighties. Sealion used to be refered to very fondly then as the boat with goatskin ballast tanks and bulkheads that were see through when wet.
    One of the old and bold LRO's (CTF 345, shsssssshhhhh) would pop into the New Galaxy bar (yep....the JR's NAAFI bar) and con any sprogs out of a beer for a Sealion dit!
    Not you was it Skyvet?
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    He's far to doggo to have been an LRO, look at the trade badge REM or whatever?
  9. Very nice pictures.Can you remember the battle honours on the board above the nameboard?
  10. That's you off the "come round" list Janner! ! I was skin then, and I'm still skin now! When the piccy was taken I was a killick greenie (LOEM)

    You'd have to be a bunting tosser I guess?
  11. As if!! I don't need persuasion to start spinning dits! As Uncle Albert would have said in fools and Horses ....... when I was in the Navy etc :thumright:
  12. I've zoomed in on the piccie, but the only one I can read is North Sea 1940
    as one of the bunrun boys has his head obscuring the others!
  13. Ahhh 1972

    Thats when I was born
  14. In 1972 my mother was only 6. I feel so young :/

    I hope that I can look back 30 years from now at some pictures of my own though.

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