Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. 800 ??Squadron from HMS Ark Royal

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  2. Love the smell of Cordite ,first thing in the morning

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  3. Educate me, I'm guessing the smoke isn't by accident? Some salt start-up routine?
  4. Modern jets were started by an external small jet engine mounted on wheels called Paloustes (probably spelt incorrectly)
    Earlier jet engines were started by starter cartidges which turned the engine over, (no props on jets so can't swing the prop.
    Remember the film "The flight of the Pheonix"?
    They used cartridges to start the engine.
  5. avpin? .
  6. Avpin used on the old Wessex in conjunction with a cartridge I believe.
    Nasty stuff a monofuel which made it's own oxygen, so dangerous that it was stoed in containers outboard of the ship so that in the event of an accident could be jettisoned directly into the sea
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  7. An Indian Navy pilot, Commander Peter Debras, accomplished an extraordinary feat on 4 March 1976, when the VIKRANT's catapult malfunctioned and his Sea Hawk splashed down and sank in front of the carrier. The vessel then steamed directly over the top of the aircraft, and Debras cooly waited until it had passed over before ejecting and being rescued. It was the world's deepest successful ejection.
  8. Avpin was/is a very volatile fuel, required special precautions during its handling. The Wessex I believe carried sufficient for 3 starts, around 9 pints of the stuff. You can google the stuff---isopropylnitrate.
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  9. It has also been used as a fuel for power supply and actuation in guided weapons, notably in the British Royal Navy.
  10. always remember the famous tannoy smoking or naked WOMEN transferring AVPIN. :laughing7:
  11. The Seahawk was indeed a cartridge start.

    That looks like a formation start up to me.

    As for Avpin. As an ex mechanic on a Wessex 1 squadron it was lethal. I made the mistake of not inserting a drain pipe quick enough and ended up totally blind for a few days and my eyesight returned fully after a week. All because Avpin splashed in my eyes. On another separate incident a civvy contractor whilst kicking what he thought was an empty canister of the stuff across the airfield at Portland lost his foot when the canister exploded. The dangers of a Wessex 1 starting with a combination of cartridges and Avpin was the risk of the front of the helicopter blowing up, which happened a few times, (not when I was on watch fortunately).

    All in all fuggin dodgy stuff!
  12. One for you Scouse, standbye for a mail run.............. 577164_10201650120076220_815981323_n.jpg
  13. collecting mail from the Palouse lol
  14. The Seahawk is a very pretty looking airplane, I would have loved to have flown it! Airplanes that look right, usually fly right! Which makes me wonder about the Scimitar, which I also find to be a very pretty looking airplane, but had such a poor flying safety record. Flying off carriers in the 50's and 60's was dangerous work for the crews in the airplanes and the flight deck...Lots of respect to our RN Navy comrades from across the pond!
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