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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by stillholding, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have any information on this place? My old man used to mention it but never said what they used it for. I know it was just down the road from Daedalus. Any info would be a great help, many thanks.
  2. It used to be the Survival Equipment school. It closed down years ago, don't know what it is being used for now but it was a prime location right on the coast.
  3. As the R1 on a lynx flight I was also the SE supervisor. Formal training was carried out at Seafield Park, as there was no accomodation there students lived at Daedalus.
    Nice place very out of the way, must have been a good draft. :p
  4. Seafield Park also Housed the Altitude Chamber, which all aircrewmen had to engage!!!! :wink: Aso the school for escape and evasion, was their. Ps SOL that photo must be very old, was very different in the 60/70 lots off Portacabins IIRC
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    For those who like to go a bit further back, between the wars Seafield Park was a private prep school. It was taken over by the Navy in WW2. At the end of the war part of its playing fields had disappeared under one of Lee's runways so the school never came back.

    In 1957 it was I believe the RN's School of Aviation Medicine. There was an ejector seat trainer there on which non-aviators had a trial ride before going off for famils in an already ageing fleet of Vampires at Ford and later Brawdy. On my lucky day it stuck at the top with a Bootie 2/Lt in the seat for us to laugh at while we ate the apples in the surrounding orchard. Just another day in HM's funfair.
  6. To add to Scouses bit, It was also, the RN's School of Survival Training. This was a part of the School of Safety Equipment later to name change to Survival Equipment.

    Don't know the name but Seafield Park used to be the location where the FAA trades professional exams were marked in the 70's.

    So that's;
    RN School of Survival Equipment. (SE trade training)
    RN School of Survival. (Aircrew Training)
    Aircrew selection
    School of Aviation Medicine (Aircrew Training) (Home to Doc's Rick Jolly -[SAMA] and Doc Adamson)
    Institute of Aviation Medicine

    The photo shows what I believe is the Wardroon, the Survival school was housed in the estates private church. The remainder of the establishment were later add ons.
  7. Was also a great place to recycle the flying boots. Nice POMA there called Mick Dolan :wink:
  8. The RN Safety Equipment & Survival School (RNSES)(as it was later known) moved to Seafield Park post WW2 with the RN Air Medical School (RNAMS) from SISKIN (SULTAN).
    The Central Air Medical Board (CAMB) arrived from Marine Parade West, Lee on Solent circa 1953.
    I am unsure where the Naval Aircrew Advisory Board (NAAB) came from.
    There was also a unit called NAMEB which was, I think, the Naval Air & Marine Engineering Examination Board.
    The wall round the old walled garden has gone and all the buildings were demolished. Married Quarters now occcupy the site down as far as the old building line. The council now have football pitches on the old sportsfield with a new brick pavilion. The cabbage field next to the sports field has reverted to scrub, brambles and dog walking paths.
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  9. It was also the place you went to for Hearing tests, if you were FAA. After my last hearing test there I asked the Scablifter who was doing it, if I had any hearing problems, and he answered,"Well I wouldn't spend too much money on stereo equipment if I were you!" :lol:
    Needless to say the copy of the audiograph that he kindly gave me, ensured a no fuss pensh. for loss of hearing due to working in close proximity to jet engines later on in life.
  10. Spent many a night on guard duty there! Had a top Galley, with top scran I seem to remember. One of the FAA's best kept secret (Apart from 360 Squadron)
  11. I was at RNAMS in the 70s. Surgeon Captain Alan Mackie was one of my MOICs. He had a DSC won in WW2 in the Pacific flying Avengers. One of the finest blokes ever to draw breath. And he was afraid of heights! As somebody said earlier, Bob Adamson (mad as a hatter, but a great bloke) was the President of the RN Air Medical Board for a time between stints as PMO of carriers. Maybe oldavquack was there at the same time as me? If so, he must be a very old av quack! Possibly an SRA?
  12. I think that Doc Adamson was on Ark Royal 1976.
    I suffered laryngitus in Florida (too much ice cold beer) and loss of voice.
    His treatment, Asprin gargles no talking and report to him each morning and say Hello.
    After a few days my voice was back and the Doc told me to go to the sickbay door and shout at him as loud as possible "Fck Off"
    I said "I can't say that", he said "It's an order"
    So I did as I was ordered.
    "Dont tell me to fck off in my sickbay" He shouted "Fck off yourself"

    Great Doc one of the characters
  13. Remember back in 1941 a great time there, climbing trees, doing bug all.
    Eight ex brats on OS Draft, five of us survivors from previous draft, plus 3 replacements for the 3 lost. One replacement was Ian Botham's Dad.

    Eventually we left to join Exeter at Tail of the Bank, there found we'd be lookouts on bridge, selected due our aircraft recog knowledge; as such had front seats thru an eventful time. Doing watch on & watch off we'd often think back & say 'Gee, wish we could be resting at Seafield now.'
  14. Who remembers Doc Adamsons three wheeler with the huge key stuck on the top. (Think it was a Heinkel). Circa late 70's early 80's.

    He had some mega pictures in the waiting room at Seafield park too. One, of his letter barred from flying naval aircraft after crashing a few. Pictures of said crashed aircraft. Another pic of his first appendix removal operation, close up!

    One very strange cookie. But a good laugh for a four ringer.
  15. Just to add a note regarding Seafield Park history.
    It was a boys preparatory school up to the start of WWII, when the Fleet Air Arm took it over. The school was evacuated to Endsleigh, Nr Tavistock, the country home of the Duke of Bedford. At the end of the war MOD retained Seafield Park for the purposes shown in the posted articles .
    The school moved to Newells, Nr Horsham where it remained until destroyed by a catastrophic fire in 1968. The remaining pupils were then transferred to Handcross Park school. 8O
  16. Last used 25 Dec 91 (if my log book is right) for the old Aircrew Survival Course, and was where sh*te aircrew went to get chopped by 'sooty'. Was there for the last ever Mess Dinner when the remaining Mess Fund was blown on a pseudo Burns Night - very good night!
  17. What No Raut were you at that time ????Must be in the hundreds, :lol: :lol: mine no 37
  18. So come on Scouse, spill the beans, which repprobate is you then?

    I have access to the ACA website where your course is posted.

    Your not Alfie are you!!!!! :?

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