Sea Vixen restored/airborne

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Sea Vixen XP 924 ex HMS Eagle 899 sqdn 1964 Takes to the air at Bournemouth :thumright:
  2. Great shot scouse, more more.
    mucho maas mucho maas.
  3. Okay Fred :thumright:
  4. Excellent photos Scouse. What's the story behind this? Who funded it, how long etc ?
  5. De Havilland At Bournemouth :thumright: Their is a web page at xp924 :thumright:
  6. Great pics; great aeroplane. One of those wonderful occasions when the Navy received the Fox and the Air Force received the Dog (Gloster Javelin)!
  7. Thought you all might want to see the working end of a lovely lady, lol

  8. Awesome pictures....I've never been a sailor, never mind FAA, but the Vixen is one of the coolest-looking aircraft ever made.

    So good to see one flying. Maybe they can go and give the Vulcan to the Sky corwd a hand now :)
  9. Did anyone else spot this bit in the Telegraph describing how new EU regulations have sounded the death knell for the continued use of veterans like the Douglas DC-3 'Dakota'? (link)

  10. There was also a cargo version of the DC3, with the only seats for the crew.
  11. Stardard Catapult crew "Centaur" Cica `60 /63 for one year of fresh / avgas air, ( change from engineroom / boiler room watchkeeping!), Bloody noisey- dangerous contaptions -vixens that is.
    During one night operations whilst attching said strop to hooks underneath the beast I had my head a little to far inboard, shuttle tensioned strop caught be a nasty glancing side swipe, ensueing panick when I dropped my "light batton"and fell back, launch canceled, rushed down to sick bay via bomb lift (quickest way), damage ---chipped front tooth a and a bloody sore head for a few days---lucky! Then at 20yrs old we all lived on the edge survived and enjoyed the journey.
  12. Their was a guy about that time ? that wasnt so lucky as you. They were launching alternately of Port/Stbd cats. He crossed over at the wrong time and was hit by the Vixens boom at launch. R.I.P. NaH Craig Hms Victorious 59 :salut:
  13. Te HE, i laugh with restpect. Being only four foot and a fag paper stature (5ft 5inch ish). A vixen could sweep anybody off there feet. She had no respect for chockhead, ground crew or Badger,s. We who worked decks with them no the ladies kiss. LOL LOL
  14. just out of interest,why was the cockpit offset?
  15. I'm guessing the cockpit would be off centre due to the navigator seated below, to give him a bit more room. I stand to be corrected.
  16. You are correct --the Navigator lived in the space next to the pilot in the fuselage . The access hatch was jettisoned during eject situations.
    Was on Hermes 2nd Commission and had Vixens ----quite a few bad accidents too.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  17. When the dummy deck at Culdrose finished after the old ARK was paid off, one of the Vixens was a lot in one of the scrap auctions held there. I had this scruffy geezer (and me an ex-submariner) turn up for a viewing, and wanted a look at Lot No XXX (a Vixen).
    "Very nice " he says, "but how do I shift it?".
    Not being too all about on the FAA, I replied "Well it's towable, the wings fold, but if you speak nicely to Harry down the fuel dump, you can probably fly it home".
    Two days before the sale, some trainee fire engine driver took the corner too fast, and took the nose off it. By then, my Boss had got back off leave, so I never found out what happened to it. Think there were half a dozen Vixens, and 3 Gannets there to push around.
  18. Quite ironic, isn't it, putting an observer in a compartment with no windows...

    Or weren't they called that then?
  19. Remember spotting the Vixen down at the RAE LLanbedr near shell island in welsh wales many moons ago when it had officially finished flying.

    It was nice to see the Vulcan in the sky again at Farnborough sad that it was only a half hearted display. No touch and go and a full earth moving power climb!!! Pity really the other half had never been to an air show before, mind the reds put on a good show she can now tell all the girls in the bank she has seen THE RED ARROWS.

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