Sea Vixen and Vulcan

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. With under two weeks to go, the show is shaping up to be one of the best ever at Kemble, Avro Vulcan XH558 is due to make an appearance on Sunday 21st June.

    Sea Vixen, XP924, is now confirmed for both days and will be based at Kemble for the weekend.
  2. Luxury! All that hi tech in one day. :)
  3. Will they both be at Yeovilton??
  4. 8) Yep so they say :wink:
  5. A list of participants as of Thursday 11th June. at KEMBLE/2009


    Apache - AAC Blue Eagles | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Lynx - AAC Blue Eagles | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Douglas Dakota - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Hawker Hurricane - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight | Sat (Display)
    Supermarine Spitfire - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    BAE Systems Hawk T1 - RAF | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Chinook - RAF | Sat/Sun (Display)
    King Air B200 - RAF | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Eurofighter Typhoon - RAF 29sqn | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Red Arrows - RAFAT | Sat (Display)
    Black Cats - RN | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Fairey Swordfish - Royal Navy Historic Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Hawker Seahawk - Royal Navy Historic Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Boeing KC135R - USAFE 100ARW | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Hercules C130K - RAF | Sun (Flypast)
    Jetstream T2 - Royal Navy 750NAS | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Merlin - RAF 28sqn | Sat/Sun
    Hercules C130J - RAF | Sat/Sun (Static)
    VC10 - RAF 101sqn | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Augusta 109 - RAF 32sqn | Sat/Sun (Static)
    C17 Globemaster - RAF 99sqn | Sat/Sun (Static)
    De Havilland Chipmunk - Royal Navy Historic Flight | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Hawk - RAF100sqn | Sat/Sun (Static)


    De Havilland Vampire - Air Atlantique Classic Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    De Havilland Venom - Air Atlantique Classic Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Gloster Meteor NF11 - Air Atlantique Classic Flight | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Percival Pembroke - Andrew Dixon | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Hawker Hunter T7 - Delta Jets | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Westland Wasp - Kennet Aviation | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Supermarine Spitfire XIX - Rolls Royce | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Piper Pawnee - Swift Glider Team | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Silence Twister - Swift Glider Team | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Swift Glider - Swift Glider Team | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Jet Provost T3 - Neil McCarthy | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Percival Piston Provost - Sylmar Aviation | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Boeing Stearman - Team Guinot | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Yak 50 - The Yakovlevs | Sun (Display)
    Bulldog - Ultimate High | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Extra 300 - Ultimate High | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Antonov AN2 - AN2 Club | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Blackburn Buccaneer - Blackburn Buccaneer Society | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Folland Gnat T1 - Delta Jets | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Hawker Hunter T8 - Delta Jets | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Cyclone AX2000 - Kemble Flying Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Dynamic WT9 - Kemble Flying Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Eurostar x 2 - Kemble Flying Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Icarus C42 - Kemble Flying Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Pathfinder Mk1 - Kemble Flying Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Pegasus Quantum - Kemble Flying Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Glider DG500 - Cotswold Gliding Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Glider T31 - Cotswold Gliding Club | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Canberra PR9 - Midair | Sat/Sun (Static)
    DeHavilland Sea Vixen XP924 - DeHavilland Aviation | Sat/Sun (Display)
    Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558 - VTTS | Sun (Display)
    Hawker Hunter T.7 - Blackburn Buccaneer Society | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Gloster Meteor T.7 - Meteor Flight/Air Atlantique | Sat/Sun (Static)
    Hawker Hunter GA.11 - Delta Jets | Sat/Sun (Static)
  6. bleeding sultan show :(
  7. I'm working all that weekend. :evil: Bloody shift work!!!!!
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thread drift, Waspie, you going to the Veterans Parade at Weymouth tomorrow? If so give us a shout in Astrid Place or a couple of us will be in the Royal Dorset Yacht Club on the quay after the parade. be good to meet up with any RRers that are in Weymouth this Sunday.
  9. I'll be horizontal. Night shifts this weekend.

    If you see a dark grey Jag, (not mine I add), with two glum looking gits about 1800 that will be me and my mate going into work!!!! Just wave, we'll probably still be asleep though!!!! :lol:
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  11. Love this quote;

    "We miraculously dropped 21 bombs, because that's how many we could take on the bomb bay. We straddled the runway at Port Stanley, the only runway on the island,"

    A miss is a miss! Unless you talk crab!
  12. BBC News - Vulcan Bomber XH558: 'Grace and style' in the sky
    Also states in this article how that bombing run was crucial to the outcome of the entire Falklands War. They straddled the runway, the only other task was to set up Rapier sites, on both counts the RAF failed miserably. Watching the Argentine Air Force giving flying displays over St Carlos unimpeded is something I shall be thankful to the Rapier battery's crewed by those gallant RAF chappies for years to come. Thank God most of displays were broken up by the FAA
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  13. From my gallery page:

  14. Bit harsh that , Waspie, after all Withers was just commenting on his part in the Black Buck raid, was a monuemental effort in terms of the work they put into it, the sheer logistics, and the actual flight itself. Anyways will be a sad day when the Vulcan no longer flies, it has thrilled plenty at the air shows, and deserves to be remembered. I hope at least you have managed to hear the Vulcan growl, awesome!
  15. Not harsh Mukka. A war plane must be able to hit its target or all the effort and logistics in servicing the machine on its transit to the target is wasted.

    I am pleased to say all my AS12's outside the training environment were classed as 'Targets' That would be hits to the uninitiated!!! Missing the target is not a success in my book.

    The machine is truly awesome but if it's crew cannot hit its target - !!!!!!!

    Oh! Yes I have heard it but noise alone does not make a good War Bird!

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