Sea Vixen 134 undercarriage collapse

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Notice on this one that the nose wheel has collapsed. Had half a dozen, collapse one of the main wheel oleos landing on board Hms Victorious on the last commission. Ps the grubbers ran out of jury struts repairing them:D
  2. Thankfully, he walked away from it; a bit shaken up, I'd have thought!!!

    Nice looking jet though.
  3. B8gger - was hoping to see her at the Pompey airshow in August. Glad it was a walk-away. Fingers crossed for a swift return.
  4. Ouch hope they can get her fixed up ok.
  5. In better days...


  6. Ah, the mailed fist 899 Squadron, 'Strike and Defend'.
  7. :D
    AKA the flying fist to the lads in the FAA:D
  8. Thanks for that scouse, I would never have fancied being stuck in that observers hole.
  9. Cue predictable reply:

    Neither would I but it's not so bad nowadays with the advent of female observers.
  10. Quick question about the "observers hole". Was it always blacked out, or did they sometimes fly with a clear dome?
  11. Anyone who travelled in the observers hole had to be measured from their back to their knees whilst sitting - too long - eject - bye legs
  12. What a Cock , and funny??? NO :knob:
  13. How many Aircrew Medical Boards and preflight medicals were you involved with during your days of operating with Sea Vixens?
  14. Oh to teach ones grandmother to suck eggs !!!!
  15. It was originally a metal hatch and the Observer had a small window to his right, and could see the right side leg of the pilot when in the cole hole to his left.The problem came when ejecting,as the pilot could go straight through the canopy, but the O ,had to eject the metal hatch first, the delay often proved fatal!!!, later on the metal hatch was replaced with a Perspex cover, and the O could go straight through!! Also the Vixen, and Buccaneers iirc, we're later fitted with command ejection.... Pilot pulls the black and yellow, and they both go out together. Ps also to come in , then was the facility for underwater ejection. And later rocket ejection isc
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  16. Well how many - don't be afraid of the badges!!!
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