Sea Viper no worky?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Sea Viper fails to strike

    The UK Defense Ministry and industry are trying to identify the cause of the failure of what was planned to be the last qualification test firing of the Royal Navy’s Sea Viper air defense missile system.
    The Sea Viper – the Royal Navy’s name for the MBDA Principal Anti-Air Missile System – is the primary anti-air armament of the navy’s Type 45 destroyer.

    The test failure “has been a setback in the generation of the full capability,†says Andrew Tyler, the chief operating officer for the ministry’s Defense Equipment and Support organization.

    “We are working extremely hard with the other partner nations and the company to resolve what the problems were with the final firing,†says Tyler. He adds that as yet it is “too early to come up with the diagnosis.â€

    The final qualification test – the most stressing of the test firing program – is thought to be have been a two target engagement.
  2. Yet again lets build the platforms first and then concern ourselves with giving it an ability to do its job, morons at procurement come up trumps again.
  3. One Swallow doesn't make a summer and one missile failure doesn't make a project disaster. Things don't always work they way they should first time, second time or whatever.

    Before we write the whole thing off let's wait to hear what the problem was first.
  4. When the early Tridents were doing;


    we were building the V Boats and all the stuff needed at Coulport.

    Some morons, eh.

  5. Maybe the system really can only engage cricket balls traveling at Mach 3?
  6. Fair point, in which case we need to give it a "proper" English name and get it into the England cricket squad in time for the next Ashes series
  7. Sea Amiss

  8. I Mistet
    O Bugga (Asian parentage)
    U C Wareitwent
    Y Botha (South African parentage)
  9. So at the moment what good is HMS Dauntless?
  10. keeps my neighbour away and his missus home alone and bored.

    not that i get any but nice to think about it
  11. As I recall, from my time on the project, almost every blue suit and almost everyone at Big and Expensive wanted to fit the VLS41, but we were suckered (contracturally) into fitting the crock of French sh1t that is PAAMS aka Sea Viper, or nest of snakes. No worky and no future versatility.
  12. We had an XO who failed miserably at Portland, he went to a desk job at the MOD the very next morning.
  13. Not a lot since the Wrens left! :lol: :evil:

  14. Nice one 2BM - I remember when WRNS went through Dauntless, now it seems Dauntless is going to go thru......

  15. Well, the Government liked to claim that, but in practise, as we had pulled out of Horizon, there was nothing stopping us telling them to stick the SYLVER and stuff and buying Mk41, SM-2, SM-3 and ESSM off the cousins

    IIRC, the Commons Defence Select Committe recommended buying the Mk41 VLS (so we could fit TLAM) as well as the 5" Mk45 gun and consideration be given to purchasing SM-3 to give the UK an ABM capability.
  16. This cricket ball at mach 3 mallarky, how do they know this? I mean, how do you throw a cricket ball that fast? Any volunteers to rip their shoulder socket out?
  17. Always wondered what Gladstone Small was doing these days.
  18. Seem to remember the first batch of County Class destroyers had major problems with Seaslug on testing, by the time the second batch were commisioned Seaslug was already being dumped in favour of upcoming Seadart.
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seaslug - no probs in London (4th of build), successful shot 1st commission, first time at Aberporth, press tit, WOOMFAH! Sea Dart was already on its way and was pitched to us by a Hawker Siddely bod quite early on in the commission, it was always intended to move forward to a tandem boost missile and also to exploit the general march of technology, remembering that digital computers only came out of the egg for the RN in the 1960s (to sea 1st tinme in Eagle 1963) and could not have been planned into the Batch 1 GMDs.

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