Sea Venom for Sale

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. This Sea Venom is comming up for sale in Ontario, later this month....809 squadron:love10:

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  2. We trained on those on goons course at Aerial (as it was then) Scouse. then when I was at Lossie on station flight we even had a Venom and a Vampire
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  3. The "Z" on the tail was the deck code for HMS Albion during the late 50s before it changed to "A" around 1960. The Pheonix is of course 809 squadron RN.
  4. Spent a few hours trundling those about the deck Scouse. TT,Sea Venom 458.jpg
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  5. What is the squadron and ship??? Please
  6. Pity I have two daughters!!
  7. The Vic , Scouse, we had 831 and 893 squadrons on board at the time.
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  8. Another old Sea Venom :) Sea Venom  Vic.jpg
  9. We used to burn those for fire practice at Condor and later on SAH, Culdrose. The cockpit would burn away just leaving the wings(main spar) and tail booms. The cock pit was made of ply wood.

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