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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, May 20, 2010.

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  1. hi guys,, I was just wondering what sort of sea time you would get as a MA or SEA SPEC,,

    and what would be the best choice of career if you were wanting a lot of sea time ?
  2. Sea Spec = lots of sea time
    MA = Sea Times varies depends on the billet you go into etc etc etc
  3. So would you say if you wanted lots of time at sea you best go in as SEA SPEC?
  4. Perhaps you should consider which jobs you would 'enjoy doing and what would constantly challenge you. Better to do a job cause you will enjoy it all your career than be stuck because you only chose it to gget lots of sea time. Best of luck tho and let us know how ya application goes mate
  5. Out of the two yes. But I wouldn't choose a job to train in and want to enjoy and get something out of based on what does more time at sea.

    Bare in mind, you may end up first ship in refit and don't get much sea time you expect.

    Remember nobody dips out in the RN just some people dip in more than others
  6. i did original want to go as MA but paper shufflin in a hospital does not intrest me in anyway..

    Quite an important part of wanting to join the Navy was because of working on boats and getting to travel, However as i did further research into MA there is a chance there is nto that much working on the boats and just stuck in the UK so maybe a career choice of SEA SPEC would be better...

    I don't know to be honest i tought i had made my mind up but can't decide,, thanks for the advice but it was good :)

  7. So there is a chance of not having much sea time on both jobs,,

    I am not just basing it on sea time, but as i want to travel this is a big part if you get what i mean.
  8. Don't forget if you want to work on "Boats", you will need to be in the Submarine Branches
  9. Am not 100% sure wahat you mean tbh a but dence sometimes ?
  10. I originally intended to go War Spec on subs. But then on my RT i did well enough to go for weapons engineer on subs. Which i had wanted to do as a kid but i wasnt sure Id do well at the RT (Yes I know negativity is a killer lol).

    So Im now waiting to go in as ET WE(SM). 12 month wait which is a bonus and Im going to enjoy it. Decent sea time possibly but also qualifications and good promotion opportunity As well as being the job im going to love doing.

    So dont worry bout not having it nailed in you mind. Done RT yet?

    If not, go into it with a few jobs you would enjoy doing and when they tell you you have passed, see which of the jobs you can do and go for the one you enjoy the idea of. Rather scattered info this i know but i barely slept due to a drunken cod fest last night hehehe. Best of luck mate
  11. Surface Fleet= Ships. Submarine Branch = Boats
  13. thanks for that make it harder.. i was considering going in asa MA but for the RM but i dont know? do you have to do the same training as the RM? because i really dont think i could do that ha.

    See ireally want to avoid being stuck in hospitals tbh i really wouldn't like to be doing hundreds and hundres of paperwork day in day out. Why i would apply for medical in the armed services,, maybe consider going as medic in the army but i dont really fancy that as all i want to really do is jioin the navy.. anyways enough mumble ha.

    Do MA's get a chance to go to Afghan? i know that sounds a bit silly but i would love to have the Exp of going out there and helping...

    ah it is i see your point about not wanting to be sent away every couple of months but to be honest it is the traveling and moving that appels to me in any of the armed services.

    and also about the skills being transferrable (to a point)

    aw a dont know thanks for the jelp anyway,, will have to go and sit in a conor and think really hard about what i would like to do..
  14. ha thanks,, have to make sure i remember that and dont sound so dumb again ha :)
  15. Fair play. Just think about how long you plan to serve, what you want to get out of your Career, Transferrable skills etc. Thats what my CA advised me to think about.

    Also, Jimbo is right bout the MA's. One of them got a major Gong last year or so I recall. For what she did in sandy places
  16. its is fine about not understanding i was just mumbling sort of thing ha.
    Thanks for pointing out the ovbious bit that i missed ha...

    So you could go for Medic in the RM but not have to do the same training as the rest of the RM or am i misunderstanding?
  17. Two of my mates are MAs, one of them is off to uni all paid for by pusser and the other is attached to ''them'', but as mentioned all the ones that i have came by over the years all seem happy enough.
  18. Yeah i remember reading about her,, Hats off, that was defo brave...

    well i want to serve as long as i can that i think is 22 years so maybe it would be better going in as something that you can gain skills for..

    See i dont think my CA really likes me to be honest, didnt give the best impression,,, so he hasnt really been much help, when i have asked him for info ect..
    I don't so many things have to be taken in to consideration.. just have to make my mind on before am to late ha,
  19. What jimbo is saying is that the Royal Navy deploys its MA's not just on ships and boats but also ashore in direct support of RM and Army operations in Afghanistan. As shown by my link.

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