Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DannyJoness, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Im planning on joining late this year, early next year, and i have applied as an AET (WAFU), will i actually be constantly based on shore, or be on ship on regular deployment, HELP!!! have i chosen the right career?
    Just finished my psychometric test on 96% :D
  2. Why would you want to be based in Pompeii?

    It depends on you aircraft type, lynx fags and Merlins spend more time on board than junglies and Harrier Gods.
    If you joining the RN, then of course you have chosen the right career, RN by grace of God, FAA on ability.

    PS Try the search facility.

    PM if you want any more info without the sarcastic crap you will get on here, from the more inferior RN trades :)
  3. I think you'll find Pompeii is in Italy, as for the rest it depends what aircraft/squadron you work on. woo's will be along to advise.

    p.s. It's Pompey

    edited to add take your face for a sh1t JFH :wink:
  4. I presume you mean Pompey (Portsmouth)!!!!

    AET's will get drafted to an Air Squadron. They will then go where they are required ie ship, Shore air station or overseas air station. As an AET you will will probably not get as much sea time, but you will spend some of your career at sea or away from the UK. In recent years the AET have spent far more time away from the UK. When in the UK you will either be at Culdrose (Cornwall), Yeovilton (Somerset) or with joint force harrier in Lincolnshire.

    Hope this helps



  5. Maybe the RN is opening a Volcanic training school there to help matelots cope with the boiling mud baths they'll be subjected to if they get married. ;) I remember having to walk back to my ship in 1969 (aged 6) after my dad was robbed in Solfatara. :x Ah, the memories......
  6. Join the FAA as an AET you feckin idiot OR your be sorry for the rest of your sorry ass naval career
  7. Is it true that AET's drink far more tea than other branches? Do the supplied trousers come with extra padding in the arse area for extended periods of sitting? :D
  8. See Danny Joness how quickly the Jealosy starts. There will be more believe me.
  9. There's many a true word spoken in jest. The RN did have an HMS Volcano during the Second World War.
  10. Its not jeolosy everyone knows Stokers are the best, end of.
  11. See what I mean and this post is quite fresh!
  12. Yeah, and when you get there, take it for another one.

    Aye, the best at abusing smally boys and furry animals.

    WEs rool OK; the hardest working branch in the fleet! 8)

    "If I'm in bed chief, it's 'cos all my kit's top line and operational and if it's not broken, why mend it?"
  13. That's true, I've seen more WE's wear out mattresses than any other branch

    and small print won't work either
  14. what about stores accounts are they usually on board ships or in bases ?
  15. yeah
  16. Good question, well put. I can tell where they aren't
  17. Now thats nice!!! :D

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