Sea time or lack thereof



Is anyone else struggling to get pre-fleetboard sea time? I have been told that it must be on a Frigate/Destroyer/LPD/LPH to count as eligible fleet time however it is proving elusive to achieve…….
We used to love the sea time we were provided with on the MCMV's from Pompy and Faslane. The S/C were almost all extremely hempful and keen to pass on their knowlege. The more interest we showed and effort we put in the more helpful they became. We really appreciated the fact that their weekend had been well and truly f*cked up by our visit but it never seemed to affect them.

The hands on training was always first class - you can't beat the real thing. I'm not sure if they do them anymore - certainly not for my branch, but I also recall that not many units made use of them despite the excellent training available.

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