Sea time for CTs

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Feagal, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    Please can any CTs let me know how much time away at sea they've had - I've heard rumours that you don't get to go away as much as other branches - but equally, I've heard the opposite. The one CT I've spoken to about this said you do go away regularly, but for shorter periods.

    I know that there isn't going to be a typical response, but I'm still interested to hear what experience others have had.

  2. Plenty in my case, and in many others.

    You may not always be ship's company though.

    You can be deployed on many different platforms, including boats.

    I've spent about 6 years of the last 12 as ships company, but have been deployed on other ships / ashore during the other 6 years quite frequently.
  3. Some may only do 1 draft in 10/15 years at sea, others as the case above may vary.

    There aren't alot of sea billets for CTs as a branch when you compare it to alot of the others.

    You would likely do atleast 6-9 months as a freshly qualified CT in order to get your rank, then expect some nice sandy drafts.

    Sea billets are somewhat limited, but there are alot of other options available....

  4. Thanks very much for the info, chaps.

    I take it that by "sandy drafts" you meant a posting on a beach in Barbados? I hope so because I love coconuts.
  5. What are the sea going opportunities for an MA?

    I hope to go to sea as much as possible. Can you put yourself forward for drafts if your trade doesnt allow much sea time??

    PS didnt want to start a new thread for this, as its kind of the same subject. Hope thats ok :)
  6. No probs, hijack my thread all you like, you filthy pirate :)

    I too want to be out and about as much as possible - I can't understand why some people seem to want to join the navy but also to magically stay at home at the same time? Surely it's all about getting out there and doing the job, not lounging about on shore?

    Maybe I'll be singing a different tune once I've done it for a few years but really this is the big adventure, cleaning duties and being shouted at aside, that we're going to be trained for.

    Or am I just really naive?
  7. Andym will be along shortly to answer your query.

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