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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know if theres a badge for this branch?used to be one of sorts when I passed the old NILE course just wondered.cheers
  2. As far as I know Sea survival is taught by the Survival Equipment branch. (WAFU's). They teach all the RN's & RFA's NILE ratings. It may be called something else now. However being in the FAA they will do their training at HMS Sultan, Daedalus building.
    Hope this helps.
  3. The badge used to be an Aircraft with the letters SE underneath.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

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  5. The NA(SE) badge:
  6. thanks for the replies,don't intend to wear one as I'm retired just wanted to pin it on the wall with others in my study![Small bedroom really].
    If I aint entitled I won't bother but it's shame there is not a NILE badge as we did something quite important on a ship.Cheers
  7. Not aware of there being a NILE Branch during my 17 years, it is an ADQUAL and normally the LS(SEA)s or BoYeos would fulfil this role. The NILE rating on a FF/DD is definately not an NA(SE) but a member of the Buffer's party. Can't say what Carriers or the LPD/LPH do but would hazard a guess that the NA(SE) only look after the flight/aircrew SE gear and the sea survival gear is the CBMs.
  8. Not really,was sent on the course along with others in'61.Consisted of all aspects and maintainence of the survival inflatable life rafts.
    Generally one to a ship and two to a carrier.
    Inspected and maintained the rafts,taught others by jumping in the oggin with the raft upside down,turning into wind then standing the gas bottles to topple the raft upright[pretty hard to do].Checked all the contents,revelled in the fact if the ship went down we were the only people who could tell the skipper what to do!Supposedly!
    Emphasised the 3 P's cut the painter,have a piss[bladder swells up in those rafts making it hard to pass water]take seasick pills.
    Could go on about what fish to avoid but you get the drift.
    It was a 10 day course for me and quite involved not a job for the boys.
    I was picked[AB] because my draft was for a NILE trained seaman.
    All ships had to have NILE men on board or they could not sail.
    Did a full inspection of rafts once a month and inflated one once very three months.Repacking was a sod so we kept spares and sent them back to makers Frankestein of Liverpool!
  9. The dabber side of SE training is done at the Seamanship School at Raleigh

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