Sea surrenders ring 89 years on

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SAM_The_Man_Dicosta, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Perhaps it will surrender the car keys I lost in Malta back in '74..
    Not really a problem as a Hillman Hunter could be hot wired in about 3 seconds...
    It wasn't a bad car until someone crashed it into a house..Morgan if you are still out there, then you still owe me a drink! and no Marsovin will NOT do!
  2. Ahhhhh Marsovin nectar of the Gods it's was the drowned flies that gave it a certain je ne sais qua. :puker:
  3. I know exactly what that qua was, an instant hangover and a serious case of the trots.
  4. Vintage of 61 and 63 certainly produced a fair number of hangovers in my time on the Island of bells and smells - not been back since 64, but would have loved to - the Gut before it died, and Ronnie's at Hal Far - Polycell will remember most of the runs in them days, eh Fred ?
    Sorry, can a Mod put this on the right thread please - bottom of the 2nd 3 litre of cider kicking in...........
  5. I went back, on a cruise, a year or two ago and to be honest it still looked much the same. One of those places best approached by sea.
    All accommodation blocks at St Angelo had gone though.
    The tiny door we went through to go to work at the comcen was still there near Custom House steps, and of course the buses; they may have fallen victim to EU (something Malta has embraced enthusiastically) regs, or so I have been told.
    Rabat was as quiet and atmospheric as ever and the 'Barrel and Basket' is still there, under a different guise.
    The Gut is still there and a bit scruffy despite the attempts at tarting it up. The little cheese pies, beef olives and rabbit with cinammon are still going strong and the people are as charming as ever. Mind you when living there I never noticed what a mixed bunch they were, quite a few living hang overs from the Navy days walking about! A DNA testing minefield?
    Hop Leaf and Cisk do battle with Heineken and St Miguel these days. Oh! and don't expect to get ratted on three quid. It'd cost a lot more and from Jan 1st be in Euros.
    Ah nostalgia! Nice though.
  6. Garry horse steak,luvlly jubbly.
  7. Wonderful story, isn't it a crime to dive on war graves though?

    I've been to Malta, I only realised the significance of the little street known as 'the gut', after reading some of the posts here. If I ever return I'll certainly be obliged to have a drink there.


  8. Strait Street..... :thumright:
  9. Yes, the Hillman Hunter is now considered something of a relic; aside from the Iranians who seem to have a soft spot for them. :hockey:
  10. Can anyone remember steak sarnies or egg banjo's at the cafe in Floriana - just were the Dhiso's came in from the ships on the trot!
  11. I left my wallet in Grand Harbour in 74, trying to get off a Dhiso on to the pontoon attached to the Hermes, problem was, I was supposed to be going back the the Bulwark which was tied to the next bouy. needless to say the OOW would not let me on board (the Hermes that is).

    Good run as far as can remember!
  12. I paid a nostalgic visit to Malta last Year and made the obligatory visit to the Gut, I found that every thing was closed down, and it looked as though it had been for a very long time.
    Brought back a few memories non the less
  13. Oh fading memories being bought back to the fore. Was told as every one was, don`t eat anything down the Gut! A few pints of local brew I did, Christ was I ill both ends goinig a treat--I was warned! Anyone remember the " hostel near Grand harbour where you could get a "cabin" with clean sheets etc for a couple of Bob for the night?

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