Sea Spec questions

Ive looked up sea spec and everything but am still unsure, i recently got told by my CCF RN officer that i shouldn't bother applying for WS which i am at the moment, as he said id be in the coms room or painting, the whole reason i wanted to join WS is because i want to be on the smaller guns, such as the vulcan mini gun or GPGM, but apparently this is not the case with WS ? apparently Sea spec do the small arms? also how often does a Sea spec to razz around on a rib ect? ( im a fan of my power boats, got PB 2 and PB safety)

Basically can you give a description of both jobs? the RN website does half the job just there extra specific details i need/want.

(My CCF officer also said the the waiting list for Sea spec is shorter? but after looking up that seems like jack sh**)
Also to add on from what ive heard about seaspec, apparently you are the ones that watch the ship in dock and do more of the 'soildering' role ? correct me if im wrong!

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