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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Ive looked up sea spec and everything but am still unsure, i recently got told by my CCF RN officer that i shouldn't bother applying for WS which i am at the moment, as he said id be in the coms room or painting, the whole reason i wanted to join WS is because i want to be on the smaller guns, such as the vulcan mini gun or GPGM, but apparently this is not the case with WS ? apparently Sea spec do the small arms? also how often does a Sea spec to razz around on a rib ect? ( im a fan of my power boats, got PB 2 and PB safety)

    Basically can you give a description of both jobs? the RN website does half the job just there extra specific details i need/want.

    (My CCF officer also said the the waiting list for Sea spec is shorter? but after looking up that seems like jack sh**)
  2. Also to add on from what ive heard about seaspec, apparently you are the ones that watch the ship in dock and do more of the 'soildering' role ? correct me if im wrong!
  3. Im in the process for SeaSpec and originally it was a two year wait, now its down to 16 months i hear
  4. I have an entry date for Sea Spec and by the time I go in I would have waited 38 months
  5. Your CCF officer knows little about the WS branch if he told you that.
  6. could you go into more detail for me? i just dont want to make the wrong decision and be stuck in the coms room day in day out with the old gunnery exercise
  7. You like being in speed boats and shooting weapons? Join the Marines
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  8. PM sent to you
  9. I did consider marines, but my body type aint up to it, also you got to be really fit, id like to think im fit but not to the same crazy fitness as a marines out of training ha
  10. Why are any of you even considering the US forces? :-\\\\\\\\

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