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Hmm, another one who is desperate to wear a uniform of some type and opts for the one with the shortest waiting time.
A member of the 99% methinks.


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This is all very well, but you still need the ratings who will remain ratings or there would be no 'troops'

I know, I'm making a purely hypothetical point, and our imaginary exceptional recruit could be a WO instead, it doesn't matter, it's just to illustrate it.


It is, frankly, fucking mad. And I have no idea why. We should conduct a selection board (much like the AIB), and only allow the top x of each board in, with an RT only valid for 12 months. At least that way we get the best in.

Because if everyone was an intelligent, motivated, pragmatic, driven and pro-active all star, none of the shit jobs would ever get done and nobody would make it past 4 years of service once they realise that a career in the Armed Forces is pretty rubbish.

And I'd have no-one to troop.


What montigny says is true. I think a better idea would be that they "close" recruitment for branches that are really over subscribed, then open recruitment again for those particular branches when they need recruits. Its what the crabs do, and, much as it pains me to admit it, its a good idea. There is absolutely no point in having a five year waiting list for a job, I suspect that in the vast majority of cases people's lives will have changed so much from when they first applied that they may turn their place at HMS Raleigh down. This is particularly likely given that the majority of RN applicants are aged 16-25.


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However, you need to have eyesight level VAI for LC and I am VAII so I think it is a no-go.
Correct LC is VA1. Oddly Sea Spec is VA2.

There is absolutely no point in having a five year waiting list for a job,

The RAF open & close branches to recruiting but don't give any indication how long the wait is for a branch to re-open. Consequently applicants opt for second or third choice only to "miss the boat" when the branch sudenly re-opens, creams off those who apply at that moment in time, then closes again.

The RN isn't suggesting you wait 5 years for Sea Spec but it's telling you that if you want to be a Sea Spec & nothing else it's 5 years, so get on the list & no-one can join ahead of you. Fully agree that virtually no-one would wait 5 years, but... very often the recruiting test score limits jobs available, particularly if the person has sat the test twice & not increased their score by a significant margin to increase available jobs.

I'd lay money that the OP on this thread originally opted for RM, has not reached the physical fitness standards to progress his application & is left with limited alternatives. Generally people fail RM selection then look elsewhere, but seldom do they fail RN selection & consider the RM as a "fall back".

As stated Royal Marines afloat work the same as any matelot on a ship. They aren't specifically given "shit jobs", they just do their share - same as everyone else. You will often hear young, relatively inexperienced Royals (and indeed matelots with no civilian work experience) bleat about serving on ships, forgetting they not only volunteered but they have creature comforts such as hot & cold running water, flushing bogs, 3 free meals cooked for them daily, a sprung mattress, sunbathing deck, Internet access, satellite TV, a shop, a laundry & air conditioning as compared to living in a field with a muddy puddle, mess tin, bivvy, digging a hole to have a poo & only rain for entertainment.

Each to their own.


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If the choice is Sea Spec or RM, then for those who can't wait 5 years or can't meet the Phys standards for RM, then Warfare Spec is perhaps a viable option.

This excellent short cartoon illustrates my point about the rigours of life afloat rather amusingly: Royal Navy. New Joiner - YouTube
Can I just say as a Royal aboard one of the Queens grey funnel taxi's I had a ball, I didn't do many shit jobs, infact I did an awful lot of sunbathing.


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My advice (being someone who works with sea specs and booties on the same ship) of you have the fitness and motivation and can wear dresses go RM not sea spec.

I guarantee you will only decide to go RM later on even if you go Sea Spec as that's what you really want.

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Can I just say as a Royal aboard one of the Queens grey funnel taxi's I had a ball, I didn't do many shit jobs, infact I did an awful lot of sunbathing.

Can always remember on deployment in the Med on "Decrepid" some Major type from some Cavalry Rgt with a pace stick stuck up his arse appeared on the bridge just after we'd sailed from the exercise area dripping like fcuk about the fact that Jack was seen lounging about sunbathing on the fo'c'sle while his brave boys in green were digging out like fcuk running up and down the beach getting wet and dirty ... Skipper smiled and motioned the Major to look over the bridge wing at the fo'c'sle ... where the fo'c'sle party were digging out getting things stowed away etc ... tripping over the green death spralled all over getting some rays ... then told him to Foxtrot Oscar!

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