Sea Sickness dits

Finished RP training at Dryad in 1980. Got a 2 week loan draft to the Cardiff for the sole purpose of a JMC. Sailed from Rosyth spent 2 weeks in defence watches sat at the 965 display in the ops room turning my anti flash gloves green with bile.
Finally got my sea legs on the next loan draft a ton class sweeper.
Caen to Portsmouth (Brittany Ferry several years ago). The month of November as I recall.

What a wild ride that was. The tourists were honking upall over the place. The nights entertainment (some kind of pop group), tried to get their gig in but experienced an Epic Fail when a mahoosive incoming sea swell tilted the ferry rather alarmingly and everything (drum kits,microphones, keyboards, guitars and musicians shot off the stage and caroomed through the die hard drinkers and those who didn't have a cabin for the night. Most passageways had been plastered in a tsunami of spew and I could actually hear people screamin' from behind their cabin doors. The shitters all backed up and you had to brown water raft into them if you needed a dump........forget to lock the door and it all rolled over the step to mingle with the streams of vomit. Automatic sliding doors threw wappers and wouldn't open properly and I know of at least one elderly lady who went through one when it unexpectedly returned to the closed position, fortunately with no serious injury. Cafes and serve-yourself restaurants valiantly attempted to remain open. I opted for a chicken curry with rice, ate some, wore the rest. The custard rose out of its heated storage like yellow molten lava and deposited itself in the gravy, bits of chicken and roast 'tatties rolling all over the deck, so I had jam roly-poly (negative custard) for duff. WolfPackLeader had welded herself to the bed, listening in dread to something big'n'heavy clanging against metal (I think it may have been an anchor). Big electric one armed bandits took on a life of their own and went for a womble along vomit spattered walkways and water was pissing through the deck head of the bar I had my last pint in before the staff gave the f*ck up and closed it. There were a few brave souls up forward on the "viewing deck" watching about a million tons of sea water heading their way trying repeatedly to smash all the windows and drown 'em were they stood. After my potter around the ferry, I went back to our cabin, consoled WolfPackLeader who moaned all bloody night and not in a good way. We had bunks so I was up top. Slept like a narcoleptic. Sea sickness fortunately avoided me on that trip, but the actual thought that this thing was going to do a one-eighty sideways and sink was always on my mind.
I can honestly say that it was the roughest sea passage I have ever experienced, and I have no desire to ever experience it again.
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