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Sea Sickness dits

SpliceTheMainbrace said:
I found the injection you get in your backside a sure fire thing to end sea sickness. Really wanted the ship to stop at one point I had it that bad!

And What injection is that? :oops:
SpliceTheMainbrace said:
I found the injection you get in your backside a sure fire thing to end sea sickness. Really wanted the ship to stop at one point I had it that bad!

Is that a meat injection? :lol: :lol:
aussiepint said:
Not on a ship but...PADI trainer told me I could throw up through my regulator if need be, which I didn't actually believe. On 21st dive (with raging hangover), ascended and descended in surf that was so choppy wished I had brought a surfboard!! Anyway soon found out that yes indeed I could throw up through a regulator and as a bonus the fish love it!! :)

I find bananas pretty good for that, got bounced around on a RIB going out to a dive in the Indian Ocean. As we dropped the hook, I was getting the waft of the exhaust and started feeling pretty grotty, so I told my buddy i was gonna get in and wait in the water on the anchor line for him. I was a bit peckish before I got in the boat so I'd eaten a banana, which decided to make its second appearance at about 10 meters when my buddy had joined me.

Its nice and soft so it comes out of the reg pretty easy and you become instantly popular with the local wildlife
Best cure for sea sickness? Join the Wrens, go on your first deployment, get up the duff by some water-brained Royal(s), get landed, go shore side for the rest of your time... easy! No more sea time = no more sea sickness!!

My first ship was Ocean - yes I was seasick! I took Sugeron though which worked well for me until the day I ended up in sickbay as I had developed an allergic reaction!

So I tried some other pills and fell asleep at my desk (yes the POWtr noticed!) so I had the injection but you can't have it regularly and so for a few days I was fine. Eventually I was given these sticky patches like mini nicotine patches to stick behind my ear and they were great! I was cured.

Now I am on a 23. The patches work up to about sea state 5/6 so when we went to sea for three weeks before last Christmas and we were 6/7 most days - well, I never wondered what it would be like to be bullemic but now I know (eat loads to try and settle your stomach, uncontrollable unrge to throw it all up shortly after) The weather peaked at an exciting sea state 9......I printed myself a request form to put my chit in and everything.

Got my sea legs now though, I just make sure they are with me in my rack when it gets rough.
Hi Radovan, Only sea sick twice in my time in. First time was my first ship on fish boat squadron to north cape. A definite gut churner The last time was on a jaunt from Auss to New Zealand when we hit a typhoon that
Lasted the four days. Torn off pyrotechnic locker, twisted the catwalk, the
Upper scupper out of bounds period. Port whaler over the side mess decks awash from oggin pouring through punks-louvres. This time too bloody scared to be sick. The other time was a NATO exercise in the med The whole week we didn't see the sweepers. They were there but we're constantly
In the troughs. I sympathise wholly with sufferers of Mel-der-mar. It is sickening!!! No pun intended.
I thought I'd made a terrible mistake when I first went to sea which was during my basic training. We were flown to Gib to come home on a couple of frigates and I was sick from the time we lost sight of the rock and all the way back to Guzz through Biscay. Although the sickness persisted for a couple of years when at sea very slowly it became less frequent and finally never bothered me at all. Having said that being sent to boats helped a great deal.
I have been sea sick but my dit is a boring one, however one of my oppos in the galley had just joined ship and was washing up. She was so bad that we had to put a food tin next to her so she could throw up into it between loads of washing up. It didn't stop for an entire 9 month deployment...I think she was miserable by the time we got back alongside!

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