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Sea Sickness dits

**** me, I was on there as well!! What a bloody coincidence! Funniest bit was when I got home on the Monday (remember being towed round Eddystone so the skipper could have propulsion to get up the Sound under our own steam on the Sunday?) was the missus saying "well, you're not interrupting my social calendar just cos you're back home for a couple of weeks". Wasn't best pleased when I told her I was straight back down to Guzz to get on with the repairs and may see her next week, though! That was happy times, Fort Sleazy, Camp a legover, Rio at Christmas (adrift, confined to ship)...ahhh, sweet memories.

You talkin to me ?
'Sweepers(Chawton) Fish Protect,, never did a 'Liquid Laugh' 1973, would roll on a wet deck cloth, pot mess most days at sea in winter, steaks, roasts and arctic rolls for duff alongside in summer.Slung my 'mick in the old Ark in '64, best nights kip ever.Never did a "Liquid Laugh" on sweepers, came close a couple of times though.Rough as guts in the Channel in a force 8+, couldn't alter into Pompey or we'd have rolled over, kept on going until the coast of Welsh Wales when we could drop the pick in shelter.Dan buoy sinkers came adrift down the 'sweep deck in roughers that day, Jimmy asked the buffer(LSea Watney Mann) and I if we'd volunteer to secure 'em, negotiated price of a bottle of wardroom scotch between us to do so and secured 'em after many attempts.Soaking through, but slept like a baby that night after a (Bouncing around shower)-LOL
On the Bulldog in the 90s - another round of budget cuts and they were looking at the droggy navy - suddenly we were classified as a 'hostilities minesweeper'

Our main sonar was towed, so to find the mines we had to go over them in our 100% steel ship to find with our sonar - how we laughed............not

Anyway they decided we should take part in minesweeping exercise with the Scandavian navies and had to go to Stavanger in a force 8 - we were not supposed to go out above a force 6 as we had an inflatable rubber sonar dome underneath - but they insisted we went or questions would be asked about our minesweeping capabilities in the corridors of power - off we goes with everything battened down including us

In the SRs mess we sat on the floor and tied ourselves to anything available (we didn't have roll bars on our bunks or anything as we were supposed to avoid roughers) got the rum and lucozade out (drink of the time - one made you bad the other made you better) and off we set

Didn't make Stavangar until 2 days after the proper sweepers - had to go into Hartlepool I think as the ship was just getting trashed (most of upperdeck fittings gone) and the lads just couldn't handle it as the ship was just not designed with any safety features that warships had, including stabilisers

All to prove a point.........................................
True dit. ‘81 I think.
Exercise Ocean Venture. From memory just off the Iceland Faeroes Gap, and as we were in an Ikara Leander (ie about as much use as tits on a bull ) and we’d fired off our one trial Mk 46/( 44 ? - can’t remember, either way it splashed in short, took all the paint of the zareeba, and thus pissed the buffer and his party off no end) Ocean Ventured and nothing much gained. As it was too rough to fly got lurked for lots of watch keeping.
After several days of an ever increasing stench on the bridge the Jimmy gets increasingly OCD ( admittedly from a pretty low baseline on the mental health front) and has the RO(T)’s and most of the gollies, and duty part, ripping the bridge apart to find the source.
Eventually traced to one of the spare echo sounder stowage tubes ( from memory they were cardboard and light sealed as the paper was heat sensitive). Some kind soul had puked up in one, then had the presence of mind to reseal it correctly and put it back in the storage. Brilliant. Jack at his best.
Queue witch hunt with the Jimmy conducting ever more desperate one on one interviews. Never did catch the culprit. My money was on the buffer. Morale; in every department apart from the Executive, increased by 200%.
I haven't followed the thread, but just thought I'd throw in my two penn'orth in case no one has covered it. Best cure for seasickness - guaranteed to work every time?
Sit under a tree.
Does anyone remember Black Daff's in Gillingham (The Monarch if you are posh) they sold some really, really gut wrenching cloudy scrumpy

Daughter in Law lives down there so went looking - all boarded up and I never remembered it being in the middle of 2 rows of terraced houses - the noise must have really pi**ed those people off (unless they were in there obviously !!)

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