Sea Sick!

when did you get sea sick?

  • In stormy weather

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Got megga sick, the first time i sailed in the RN it was on a Tribal class frigate.
2 days out and hit a force 10 was sick as a dog for 4 days after that never a murmer from any sea no matter how rough.
cheated a bit though joined boats and just sailed serenely on under all the rough stuff


War Hero
Chicogiz said:
stumpy said:
There is no such thing as people who don't get sea sick, just people who haven't been sea sick yet![/quote

Some people dont get sea sick

I am never sick on a ship (so far) but then I took up diving, and after doing a long deco stop at 6m in a big swell, I got back onto the boat and spewed my ring up!

Someone might be fine on a ship. but on another vessel and in different conditions then all bets are off.


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Jimmy_Green said:
geoffg said:
If you do, go sit under a tree
geoff(ers) :???:

The tree being the main mast, and the base of it being the most stable place to be during the lumpy stuff.

Nope. The tree being the big wooden thing in the forest!!!
geoff(ers) :???:


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Last month I got sent over to the yacht Gypsy Moth in the red sea as she had RO plant problems, managed to last until the repair was made then I boffed my ring up over the side!
I have phots of me chucking but don't know how to post them!

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