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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by rnrstu, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. I'm currently a new entry, on track to finish my 2 weeks at Raleigh by November.

    Hoping to join the Seaman reserves branch, just wanted to know, how long after training could I expect a deployment.

    The reason I ask is because I'd like to do one before I leave uni and join full time, I know as a student I'm not liable to be called up, but would be more then willing to put my name forward.
  2. The boss of this branch (at least on here) is called SO2Seaman. Send a PM to SO2, I'm sure he will 'move things' for you!
  3. In order to be deployed you will need to have completed the training (as per the Training Matrix) to be advanced to AB1, occasionally we will allow the 12 days in a DD/FF to be waiverd, though this is by no means the norm.
    Ask your DO/PSi/STO for a copy of the matrix, and you will see exactly what is required. Based on you conducting 2 weeks of courses a year, it will take you 3 years post-Raliegh, however if you have the time and your unit has the MTDs you can crack it as quickly as you wish.
    However I can not deploy you until you are no longer in full time education, unless of course, you wish to be deployed and drop out of Uni (not something I'd recommend). Currently, for mobilisation 0310, the majority of the team will front up at HMS Nelson circa 1st April, and one of the team finishes his last Uni exam circa 30th may, and has spoken at length with his PSi/RFPO who have, via myself, arranged for his mobilisation. Communication is the key!
    Good luck, and my advice is to crack on with the courses as quick as you can, and worry about deployments later.
    Please feel free to PM me
    Kind Regards

    SO2 Seaman
  4. just a quick question what does DD/FF stand for?
  5. a steely grey bringer of death and destruction on enemies of Her Majestie's Relm - otherwise known as FF=Frigate, DD=Destroyer
    Hope thise helps
  6. Can I ask, is the 12 days got to be done in 1 stint, can it be broken up to 2 six days, have some problems due to work getting 12 days continous, this is mainly due to only having 2 people(me included) in my dept(IT) and my bosses wife being pregnant(due Aug)

    Also getting mixed messages, I was in the navy for 6 years and the message I got back from unit is that I wouldnt have to do the 12 days shadowing but I still have to do 2 weeks at sea, then I got told it was the other way round, now im really confused.. This is all I have to do now to get made up to AB1...
  7. can you PM me asap, or even better, email me via the address on the ETMS
  8. No point rushing to get made up to AB1.. or you'll be disappointed when it takes the next 25 years to make LH.. :D
  9. Nepolean was once told that his army could march in the shade if the French planted trees alongside every main road, the trouble was that the trees would take 25 years to grow. Nepolean immediately set about the planting of said trees, commenting "But we have no time to loose, and must start straigt away"
    What does this mean? well by getting to AB1 now, it puts you ahead of your peers.
    And as for the 25 years to get to LH, I realy do share the frustration of those affected by a slow promotion rate, that is why the SeaRes branch have started the process of weeding out those Senior Rates who are not qualified, and will never be qualified, thus freeing up the whole plot for promotion.
    This process will take time, but the branch can rest assured that we are doing all we can to free up the promotion rosters, keep the faith!
  10. I would be interested in maybe doing this next year dependant on uni results and BRNC etry dates (if i can even pass an AIB :lol: ) although i'm in Branch with 526 and battle camp penned in.
  11. Well done matey
    Get the 526 under your belt asap (that's the 5 day weapons course that effectively replaces the 518NE in the training matrix), and as soon as you have successfully completed the 526 you will be eligable for Cyprus. And Cyprus will effectively deliver 2 weeks of the new 4 week course. So you will be well on your way towards AB1!
  12. 3 years before deployment. Ouch.
  13. Not to worry sir im on it very soon.
  14. Strong call, like that a lot; how long til we see the dripping on here?!

    MCPs for the RNR, whoud've thunk it?

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