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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by farmer_jack, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know where I can get my grubby little hands on a Sea(Res) {for the artists formerly known as AWFP} branch badge to stick on my noz ones????


  2. Presumably it's the same as a regular SEA badge? Integration and all that!!

    Ask your friendly jack dusty.
  3. It is indeed the same as a regular SEA badge. Why is anyones guess. We had enough shite the last time they gave us the same badge as the seaman specs, and we (allegedly) did very similar jobs then, unlike now.
  4. The badge, which has been issued to all Sea(Res) ratings at HMS Flying Fox, can (should) be avilable from Naval Stores. It is my intention that all personnel will be "badged" by the November Ceremonies, and if you are having difficulties in obtaining them through Naval Stores, then please let your CO and your RFPO know. If those channels do not help, then pse get back to me via the official channels, and I will ask a few questions.
    Hope that helps
    SO2 Seaman
  5. Thanks SO2Seaman....

    Will chase up at the unit tomorrow night...
  6. Has there actually been a signal out telling the stores that this is the badge to issue.

    Forgive my reluctance to sew yet another badge on my No1's but without seeing it officially then i will keep the one I've got on them at the moment.
  7. There has been a DIN (DCI in old money) issued, and your PSIs should be aware of it.
    I can probably dig it up, but it might take a little while as I'm currently overseas on business.
    SO2 Seaman
  8. badge consists of Two crossed brooms and a paint pot. Back to the old dabber days. A clean ship is a happy ship.
  9. Bored at work so dug somethings up muppet me boy. :rendeer:

    The DIN is out there and was issued 2008 and goes on about greater alignment of RN with RNR etc etc. This line will be of interest.

    Full details, including RNR rating specialisation badges and issue thereof, will be promulgated separately to Fleet addressees by Commander Maritime Reserves (CMR) Temporary Memorandum.

    As of yet i cannot find one (maybe hidden away in secret suirrel draw) :thumright: . Without contradicting SO2 Seaman i cant see any reason to change your badge as no CMRTM is extant. Stand by to be rebriefed.

  10. Something must be working somewhere... our PSI came around last night with a nice Tesco bag full of shiny new badges for 1's... didnt even need to beg for one! :)

  11. Next week he will have a bag of knifes to take them off with :w00t: :w00t:
  12. When I'm 12000 miles away from my office and unit, it's always a tad difficult to put my hands on the exact documentation. HOWEVER, I would be delighted, as the OiC of the Sea(Res) Branch, to have a private discussion with anyone who is "blocking" the issue of the correct rig to members of the Branch - if you are having snags, please feel very free to point them in my direction - a short and direct de-briefing will result!
    SO2 Seaman (In OZ on business)
  13. We were informed in unit last week that there is no change to branch badge. Frankly, I don't mind that. At least we are recognised as RNR even if regulars don't know what War Sea (Res)is. But to confuse us with full time dabbers?
  14. SO2Seaman..........

    At least fiveof us have joined the Sea (res) branch since passing out from Raleigh in the last six months.
    No-one has told us what correct uniform we should has gave us branch badges; and we have not been given green flashes or Royal Navy badges........

    It mght be helpful if the correct rig requirements were sent out to each be passed to branch members?
  15. Couple of points.
    1. A CTM has been issued to all units ref the branch badge. I can only speak directly for HMF Flying Fox, but when a NE successfully completes Raleigh, he/she comes before the CO and the new DO and is formally welcomed into thier new branch and given the badge by the CO. Would like to email your PSI formally requesting your badges etc, CC me, and then if no joy, email me, CC your PSI and I will see what I can do.
    2. Sadly, as I mentioned before, I can't lay my hands on the CTM as I'm 12000 miles from the UK, but I will try to get its details and post the number and date etc soon.
    G'day all
    SO2 Seaman
  16. Not being picky but just from a devils advocate point of view have you not thought to ASK! or is there nobody in your branch above AB level at your unit.... :thumright:
  17. JSP 768 is the place to look for all badges and Insignia, Pictures and NSN
  18. The only trade badge for RNR's in JSP 768 is the generic LOGS badge of ship with lightning flashes in a plotters circle type thingy. Oh and the out of date RNR shoulder flashes
  19. I'm with WM on this one. Every week i ask what our new name is and if our branch badge has changed. :dwarf: Just on the off chance!

    Bollocks to it, my next one's going on velcro! :thumright:

    Just so you all know, it doesn't matter what pretty new badge they decide to give us. The RN still don't have a clue what we actually do. In fact, i'm starting to wonder myself!
  20. WM
    I would like to think of myself as far from "wet behind the ears".......OF COURSE I HAVE ASKED! In fact all the AB`s in the unit who have returned from Raleigh have asked... It is quite difficult if you do not know the procedures and protocols.
    There is no-one at our branch, who has returned from Raleigh and been formally welcomed into any branch and give the appropriate badge.

    The old saying goes "if you don`t don`t know".
    It is the same with all the abbreviations used in the RN & RNR....How can you be expected to read and digest information if the abbreviations are not explained to you?
    Anyway back to the issue of badges........Not got one, not told when I a getting one, November ceromonies soon......?
    Oh; and feel a right prat on a RN base without one...Really makes the RNR look professional...........NOT!

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