Sea(Res) Battlecamp 09


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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Sea(Res) Branch
I have just issued an ETM on the battle camp for summer of next year. Full details are in the ETM - it is overseas, and is on an island!
Pleae read it asap, and ensure all of our branch are aware - LHs and SRs, please take the lead. Sort out your admin early and get your names down!
Yours Aye


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having read said ETM just like to congratulate you and your team on what promises to be a well planned event. Unfortunatley due to work commitments I won't be able to attend, but I will ensure that all from my unit that can, will.

Once again bz on this one


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Evening all,

The rumour mill has started ticking with stories that the uptake up to now hasn't been as good as expected.

Anyone who hasn't put their chit in but is planning to should get it in as soon as possible.

It is apparently the intention that if the uptake is only sufficient for one of the two camps to take place then the first two weeks will be binned. That'd be me screwed for a start cos there's no way i can do the second battlecamp.

Get yer names down. It should be some of the best training the RNR's seen in a long time.



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thanks for the publicity.
I'd like to quash any rumours, both 2 week packages are being planned, and as you'd expect, if we end up with 20 on each package, we will have to merge them into 1 x 2 week package.
However, I'm not planning on doing this, and the best way to ensure TH get's his training (along with the rest of you), is to phone/email your DO/STO/PSI and get your name comitted. NOW NOW NOW and NOW again!
A word of caution though, if you have not passed all of your courses etc, and thus are not deployable, you will only be allowed to go on the Battlecamp if you ALSO book 2 weeks of ORT that will assist with your training (ie courses etc) - Bear in mind that this will require you to dedicate 28 days to the branch, and you will probably have to get CO's approval for the extra MTDs - but if you are finding approval for MTDs a snag, please let me know through my email address, and not this public forum.

Good luck with your taining for 2009 and for those who have stepped up to the mark, good luck on your deployments.

Yours Aye

RE: This subject check with your PSI.

Don't want to get myself in trouble by posting things on here but it may be worth a call to the unit. :cry: :roll:


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Cheers TM.
I have been travelling all week, and only just logged on.
The subject is the Branch Battle Camp.
We have to confirm numbers for the trooping flight, and but because the numbers were high for the 2nd 2 week package, but low for the 1st 2 weeks, we have been forced to cancel the 1st 2 week package.
Your PSI/STOs/DOs should have been made aware of this last week, however if you have not heard and were "booked" on the 1st 2 weeks, get on to your unit, and ask your PSI/STO/DO to contact your RFPO asap with a request to go on the 2nd 2 weeks (that's if work/family comitments allow!). I can not confirm that we will have spaces, but I can confirm we will try!


Any news on the 2010 dates?

Some of our lot are wanting to book hols with the family and I know that many couldn't attend last year because the dates clashed.

PM would be appreciated from anyone in the know.

TH :)


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Hot off the press, we have just had confirmation from said island's military exercise coords that we have been allocated 4 weeks from 5th July.
So get your chits in for circa 2nd July to 18th July as a 1st option, and 16th to 25th as a secondary. If I have to run a single 2-week period, it will be the first one.
ETM will be issued as soon as I have a bit more flesh on the bones

SO2Seaman (all in one piece having been on the Piste!)


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An exceptionally good and timely question.
Owing to a re-organisation of the weapons training given to all memebers of the RN/RNR additional courses will be required. We have secured the services of the Fleet Gunnery School's personel who will deliver, during the 1st, and possibly the 2nd, 2 week package a special programme that will qualify those attending the Battlecamp. I am desperatly waiting for the formal notification of the changes so I can go to print. But suffice to say, all SEA(RES) personnell, PARTICULARLY AB2s, should be breaking down their PSI/STO/DOs' doors to submitt there RNR16s for a 2 week training package this summer. Your priority should be the 1st 2 week package, as stated in an earlier post.
Sorry I can't give more info, but it will be out VERY soon.

Yours Aye