Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by mrbullcrap, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. I got an e-mail today........nah only joking. :D

    Please feel free to share some of your experiencies for a couple of seconds,without resaulting to pm telling me how much you love me :D

    So seriously i want to know from people who've been there and done it,their honest experiencies of the branch,work wise the positives and negatives.Where you've been,what you've done(with some restrictions).What was the majority of your time spent doing on board,your workload and what you've actually done on a ship.From the mobilisations that you've had,what types of ships have you served on eg. HMS or RFA and how many were spent at Faslane and did it turn out how you wanted it to.
    And did you feel that the training you received was adequate enough for when you were put on a ship.

    Just the basics 8)
  2. Are you thinking of mobilising..?
  3. No, i'm still N/E.
  4. Whilst I applaud your quest to gain as much knowledge as possible about your future, the nature of mobilised service is not what the Royal Navy would like to see in the public forum.
    I would prefer it if you asked for the benifit of others' experience to be relayed to you via PM. With this being a public site, we would not want a journo to report what we are doing in tomorrow's Sun!

    Some may well disagree with my thoughts, and it is a free country, however, before sounding off, potential (and serving) dissenters may wish to read the MOD's guide to publishing experiences etc in the public forum.

    Mr BC, I am very happy to put you in touch with personnel who have mobilised, and indeed, hope some will PM you. Good luck with your NE Training, and I hope to see you in the Finest Fighting Branch of the RNR soon.
  5. Well yes, PM would be preferred.
  6. I'd love to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    But i fear i may get in trouble. :wink:
  7. Which is why PM is so useful ... and anyway, truth, the whole truth etc is subjective!
  10. SO2 is right on the money here. All you're going to get in the public forum is the drips (and we've all got them), but there's lots of positives to be taken dependent on the ship you're on, who your team leaders are and whereabouts in the world you are at the time.

    In terms of Faslane it's true to say FPGRM look after those under it's command better than anywhere I've ever known. If you've got a problem the response is almost always fast and positive.

    As with all jobs there's moments when you're bored to tears and wish you were somewhere else and others when you wouldn't be anywhere else. A HUGE amount depends on your team-mates too. If you've been lucky enough to get into a professionally acting and knowledgable team who also have a good sense of team ethos and humour it's brilliant. If not (and I know it's happened) then it's not so hot. More than that I won't go into on here. The only way to understand the job is to do the job. Enjoy!

    More than
  11. Sorry hookyh I know we have agreed on many things in the past but...!!

    I agree with your first and last paragraph whole heartedly but without getting into a large argument, which is not appropriate in this forum I might not be so supportive over your middle paragraph!!
  12. Fair one Warmonger.

    I have to say I am aware of guys who have had problems, but purely from a personal perspective I was very surprised to have no issues whatsoever whilst I was there.

    The guys I was with who did have issues generally were with the Navy generally, not FPG itself. I'm happy to concede that others may have done since.

    Big Up's to all the pro's (and you know who you are, no need to brag when you know you've done the job right!). My friendship and respect as always.

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