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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by whitemouse, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Anyone watched/watching this ? Although fictional, it is allegedly based on life in the RAN, it makes a change from the RN documentary currently doing the rounds.

    Snazzy grey uniforms - even when running through the mangrove swamps.
    Spotless whites - even in the rain.
    Umpteen brass badges, a la US Navy.

    Supposedly has the full support of the RAN, but appear not to realise that 1430 hrs is not the dog watch (unless this is another change in Naval tradition??).
    Having said this, it's not a bad series (the female Offs look tasty :p ), at least my OH thinks it's okay, though she says not as good as JAG in their superbly tailored suits - God knows what she would have thought of my 'off-the-peg' suit from slops ?!

    The ship in the series (Hammersley) seems to be rather American in style, any Aussies on this web care to confirm ?

  2. I was rather hoping no foreign naval types would ever see Sea Patrol. The general consensus among the troops is that it is a load of embarassing shite. Any civvy watching this could not be blamed for thinking that life on board a patrollie is similar to the Love Boat but without the designer clothing.

    The actors have no idea how things work in the real navy and so we have the mind boggling sight of the LRO bringing a signal to the bridge and telling the CO exactly how he should go about implementing his new instructions. Even in the very relaxed atmosphere of a a Patrol Boat I can't see that going down at all well. As for the sexual tension between the various characters, with the NO creaming her knickers every time she looks at the Killick Greenie, or the CO burning with jealousy whenever the XO returns on board after shagging her pet Pongo, or the race between the Buffer and the LRO to hump the ABCK, it's more like an episode of Sex and the City than a reflection of RAN life. (Actually, the Coxswain is having some marital difficulties, so my money is on him to pork the ABCK within the next 3 episodes)

    The uniforms are accurate enough, although all a bit to new and shiny to be totally real and the number of medals hanging off some of these people is overdone to say the least. The grey overalls are the CCs (Combat Coveralls) worn by all skimmers on all occasions these days. (Submariners have a more macho looking black version)

    The ship is an Armidale class Patrol Boat. you can read all about it here.
  3. Watched all of series 1 when Hallmark ran it on a Saturday a few weeks ago. Seems to have attracted some audience so they're now running it in a reasonable slot on weekday evenings.

    I quite enjoyed it - well the female cast members anyway!! Series 2 is out soon with a new class of Patrol Boat.

    One thing I picked up - is it just the series or have the RAN taken to calling 2 ringers "Lootenant"?
  4. Much prefer JAG any day with Catherine Bell (now in Army Wifes).

    She can confine me to barracks anytime.
  5. But much, much better in JAG in or, better still, out of uniform ....
    :thumright: :p
  6. 100 times better than Making waves put it that way.

    They seem to have actually bothered to get people who could act which is more than they did for Making waves. The worst acting i've ever seen.
  7. Catherine Bell was great...

    However my opinion JAG deteriorated with it's consistent anti-British bias - especially the episode based in Northern Ireland which had a clear and overt pro-IRA bias (such as reading out Republican poems and 'don't trust any of them' - ie the British - comments ffs).

    Quite like NCIS though, despite it being from the same production team.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Erm, and by the way - Catherine Bell IS British... :wink:
  9. Born in London but emigrated aged 2. Surprised to see her language skills were not put on for the show - Iranian mother. However, Trevor Goddard who played an Ozzy Lt Cdr was British.

    I still argue that the show had a distinctly anti-British bias towards the end of its run (though I still enjoyed it, less so towards the end, and that NI episode really coloured my views).

    Edited to add Catherine Bell took US citizenship aged 12.
  10. The Americans have never really understood NI anyway,so that probably explains it.
  11. NCIS is currently back on FX,I really like Cote de Pablo who plays a Mossad agent.

    Cote de Pablo

    Perhaps she and Catherine Bell could do a show together.
  12. The other one I loved was the CO telling the XO to get a volunteer for galley duty when the Chef was out of action. In fact it made me realise that in fact she didn't seem to do anything apart from take charge of boardings and stand around trying to tell the CO that he was about to make a terrible mistake!!!
  13. I have every episode of JAG downloaded, even have the theme tune as my ringtone.

    BTW Trevor Goddard who played Mick Brumby the Ozzy Lt Cdr died of a drug overdose in 2003.

    JAG was dropped halfway through Season 10, which was a shock to everyone as it remained a Top 10 US TV programme.

    IMHO it started going downhill when the character - Mickey Roberts (buds brother) joined as a regular. He was played by Michael Bellisario son of the producer. He also appeared in the first ever episode of JAG as a fishermans son.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    GEEK ALERT!!! :dwarf:
  15. The Hammersly (Hammersly Range) is an Australian built Armidale Class Patrol Boat. The design tenders were all local and Austal who are involved in other defence projects and high speed vehicle-passenger catamarans was given the nod. The design was based around the bay class patrol boat used by the Australian customs. 1430 is afternoon watch, first dog watch is 1600 to 1800. All in all it's a good show my wife (pom) loves it probably because of the weather and the sea.
  16. I watched this.. but to be fair I thought the uniforms was horrible.
    Was intersting to watch though =]

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