Sea of Fire

Discussion in 'History' started by stirling2, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Saw that advertised last night.TV booked!
  2. Journo precision or a hidden joke? A squadron of SHARS, though, would have made a big difference.
  3. There is quite a bit about it on HMS Coventry's Website.

    A programme not to be missed I reckon
  4. Bump
    (recorder all set to go)
  5. I'll be there!

  6. Fairly good program was a bit concerned that there was no mention accept the credits at the end about the nine guys that lost their lives.
    Also agree with the RS's comments about Woodwards pep talk.
  7. Probably a typo but, just for the record, 19 lives were lost not nine.
  8. Yep sorry my mistake.
    But no mention on the program.
    It also should how ill prepared the ships were the men yes the ships no
  9. It was good to see Chris Howe again. Was my chiefy on Illustrious - he put me right after my failings with the previous chief ..... long story, but to say that we didn't get along is a bit of an ..... umm ..... understatement....

    I also served on the Broadsword 86 to 88 and I am sure that I was told that the Coventry had sailed in front of the Broadsword who then, obviously, lost her lock on the incoming.

    More than happy to be proved wrong but that's how I recall it. Age ... :-(
  10. True from what I have read / heard. It was agreed that Coventry was supposed to have kept at a slower speed to allow the Bradsword to manoeuvre 'up threat'. However she had been hit, them nasty Argies were attacking from all angles and the missile systems had failed, so the Coventry (quite understandably) sped up and tried to dodge the attack.

    Fog of war / friction - call it what you will, these things happen. Just glad I'm sitting reading about it, rather than have to have lived through it.
  11. "Just glad I'm sitting reading about it, rather than have to have lived through it"

    True - but I did scare myself shitless down the Gulf in '87 on the Broadsword when I detected an Iranian F4 lock onto us. It was soon after the USS Stark incident too so we were a bit jumpy..... or was it just me? :)

    Things I do for a medal :-/

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