Sea Legs

Just wondering what types of ships the RNR get to sea on and what roles you are providing.

I am thinking of joining HMS Eaglet again but it seems a lot has changed since I left the RN in 98.

I have read posts about people joining RFA's etc and I was wondering how easy it is to get a draft to frigates?

Advice appreciated.


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The RNR no longer has seagoing assignments in the way it did in the 1990s. You could get short term seatraining on a DD/FF, or spend time on an MCMV, but the most realistic chance you have of seagoing is doing Above Water Force Protection (or whatever its called today) and doing force protection duties on vessels in transit.
For a 2 week draft to a ship, I take it your local RU will be able to tell you where certain ships are and what runs ashore you may get?

I can remeber RNR joining HMS Campbletown when we were on NATO exercise off South America and they got some cracking little runs ashore, so I am hoping to re-join the RNR and get some myself. =)
Still some very good drafts to DD/FF all over the globe. Depends on how good your PSI's are. Some units never seem to hear about sunny ORT. Ships are keen to have you if you can be UDS and allow their people off.
Cheers Roger, Part of the reason why I want to re-join is due to the "jolly" side of it....why not ?

I want to re join due to many reasons but you can't beat a good stint at sea and if we are to get the odd sunny trip then great.

I know the RN want lads to be this and that but at the end of the day without the RNR their life would be a lot harder.

I want to support the RN and if that means a run ashore then I don't mind buying a few wets
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