Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by scapa, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Any one who has sea king experiance and is looking for work , ace group are looking for guys 17.50 /hr 50 hr per week, gosport
  2. I wonder if they're trying to put 814s old cabs back together? Or maybe can them to keep 771 , the bags and the Junglys going.....
  3. Is this going to be part of the historic flight?
  4. Or maybe they're just after people to work at Fleetlands?? Gosport location being a clue
  5. Lads, anyone grubber or greenie/pinky experience,preferably Seaking, but anything will do! Jobs going at Yeovilton.Long contract. £17.75 p/hr. 55 hours a week.

    As long as you aren't on the Wynnwith books, it's worth £75 quid(each) to you and me!! BUT, you've got to contact me first!

    As a grubber it's preferable to have tin bashing experience,etc..

    Or, you could do it in style and take a trip south to the Falklands for a crappy £21k on the SAR sqdn.

  6. Join the Navy as an AET, get taught how to integrate, differentiate and get a foundation degree, but to undo a nut and bolt or heaven forbid drill out a rivet (you will be specially trained for this) it will not happen all for a few quid a day. More technical skills and personnel flowing from the fleet air arm to strawberry mivvie land.
    Gashand How long is your job offer for? Want your 290 frame replacing?
    any short term, if and when Service commitmnents permitting jobs avaliable. Do you not have any contacts at Culdrose MDMF some are tired of being undervalued.
  7. The job offer is VERY serious. It's a contracting job. So, you can stay at it for as long as you like. To qualify for the money(£75) you'll need to complete a probationary period of,say, 3 months. I'm an ex-LAEM(L). Been contracting for just over 5 years now. I'm not licensed,never was,never will be. And i'm happy with that. Infact, i dont know many who are.

    Ok, so, you can earn £30 an hour being licensed. But, as an unlicensed engineer, i'm on almost £18 and i have no responsibilities. I turn up, i do my job, and then go home.

    I can understand why aems/aets are leaving.Or, SNCO's for that matter. Because, they can do the exact same job in civvy street and get paid a lot for it.

    Now, i'm not trying to influence anyones mind here. Contracting can be a right royal pain in the arse. Constantly trying to keep up to date with the various contracts.Starting up your own company,all the bull that goes with that. My first job lasted 3 months and then i was given 2 hours to quit.

    So, think about what you are giving up before rushing off looking for a contractors job.

    I'm trying to give a balanced view of things.Hope it's reading that way...

  8. Just to give a slightly different slant on the subject, I contracted for around five years and in the end just got fed up of the life, constantly on the move,chasing the work etc, i came to realise during that time that in civvie street licences are all important , to certify any work you carry out on a civvie aircraft you must have either a EASA b1 (airframe /engines) or a b2, (avionics) licence with the required type rating, even to hold a pre flight /daily authorisation as a mechanic on the line you now require a cat A licence, so if your not licensed your options are fairly limited, the other big point is pay, a licensed engineer earns a fair bit more than a unlicensed guy, i work for a well known uk charter airline i have type ratings on five types and earn around 42k basic plus overtime ,where as a unlicensd mech will get around 25k basic so there is a fair difference, having said that if you cannot be bothered with all the arse ache of getting licensed ,getting the type ratings etc you can still make a good wedge as a mech especially as a "connie"
  9. Yep, agree there with what you say. But, in Toulouse, working on the A380 i was on £60K. The contract has just begun again.As has the A400M contract in Seville. And in Milan,Norway,hamburg.All paying fairly well.

    Plenty of work out there for the unlicensed.If you're a lecky,mind. I wouldn't have the patience to sit through all the exams.

    Oh, it's a conny life for me! Ha!

  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I feel there may be some job opportunaties here, as "you cant beat it" specialists, 20 -30 quid an hour? we dont give are expertise for that shite....

    (I've only jumped/roped out of helos, but, hey I'm an expert)

    I reckon we should start a company, me NZB and Harrybosch will be the salesmen because we know fcuk all about the job but can charm mother teresa out of her knickers, Slim and maxi will come in as the old wise hands, suck through there teeth and promise to get back to the client with a price.

    Bergs and Nutty- bags will induldge in the dark side to get us copys of rival company bids.

    Brazen, josie, morse, pinta and rivets will act as promo girls whenever the company is at an exhibition selling it self, but, they must be told daily the alcohol on the stand is for clients NOT them.

    I'll think a bit more but I must stop the monitor spinning....
  11. I'm honoured you think I still have teeth to suck through.

  12. Scapa, Serco lost that contract this week due to quality issues wet_blobby a new opportunity exists to bid for this contract

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