Sea Hawk crash RNAS Ford

Does anyone have any information on a Sea Hawk crash when on approach to RNAS Ford (HMS Peregrine) in the mid to late fifties? As a young boy I witnessed the incident in the field at the back of our house in Bilsham.
As I understand it was an 18 year old pilot on his first solo flight. This year it is the centenary of the airfield and we are staging an exhibition to commemorate this fact so I am researching as many incidents as possible relating to the airfield.


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24 January 1956 Sea Hawk WF211 RNAS Ford (HMS Peregrine) No casualties Written off and sent to RNEC Manadon (HMS Thunderer) for instructional purposes. Broken up 2 December 1959 for components
Is this the one?
Thanks Ratsroden.
Thanks for your interest but it isn't the one. I neglected to say that the pilot was killed.
But the information you have provided will add to the history of the airfield that I am compiling.


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26/08/1957 XE381 Sea Hawk FGA6 897 NAS Struck the ground and exploded at Ford, West Sussex during display practice for the Farnborough air show. The pilot was killed KELLY, Dennis P W, Lieutenant Commander
Thanks again ratsroden.
I already had this one logged. One of my contacts saw the crash. Dennis was doing an outside loop, mis-judged his height and crashed into the railway line. His party piece was flying upside down just above the ground.



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Dennis Patrick Wolfe
D.P.W. Kelly D.P.W. Kelly

Son of ... Kelly, and ... Thompson. 14.07.1926
Chelsea district, London
Worthing district, Sussex
[age 31]
[St Mary Churchyard, Climping (Clymping), Arun District, West Sussex]
Midsh. 01.09.1943
A/S.Lt. 01.05.1945
S.Lt. 01.06.1945
Lt. 16.11.1946
Lt.Cdr. 16.11.1954
Education: RN College, Dartmouth (01.01.1940-09.1943; Admiralty No. 191; St Vincent House).
Played rugby for United Services and the Royal Navy.
01.09.1943 - (02.)1944 HMS Birmingham (Southampton class cruiser)
03.1944 - (04.)1944 HMS Isis (I class destroyer)
(06.1944) - (10.1944) HMS Orion (Leander class cruiser) *
(01.1945) no appointment listed
(04.1945) - (10.1945) HMS Serapis (S class destroyer) *
(04.1946) HMS Largo Bay *
... - ... ...
(04.1955) - 11.1955 Commanding Officer, 806 Royal Naval Air Squadron *
05.12.1955 - (01.1956) Britannia RN College, Dartmouth [HMS Dartmouth]
(01.1957) HMS Ursa *
1956? - 1957 Administrative Officer, HMS Britannia (royal yacht)
? - 26.08.1957 XE381 Sea Hawk FGA6 897 RN Air Squadron struck the ground and exploded at Ford, West Sussex during display practice for the Farnborough air show
His sister writes: "My brother was nearing the end of his two year appointment as Lt.Cdr on m.v. Britannia, the Queen’s yacht. His funeral was supervised by Vice Admiral Conolly Abel Smith, then senior officer on the yacht, with a guard
of honour from the crew. He was always called ‘John’, never Dennis. He had borrowed the plane he was practising in for a demo at the Farnborough Air Show the following month."
* indexed, but not listed as such
Thanks again ratsroden
That is much more info than I have. I have seen his grave. Clymping Church is about a mile away from my house.
'John's' cousin, who has sadly passed away, lived a few doors away from me but I am in touch with her husband.
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