Sea Dads Advice for Newbies

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Nutty, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. As Ihave little doubt that "Sea Dads" have now been banned by Pusser as both oppressive and stifling to the creative thought patterns of OD's. Oh sorry Grade 1 AB's we should pass on our collective knowledge to the youngsters. I will start with:

    1. If you see a person running on a ship stop him. If he will not stop despite your best efforts, run with him he obviously knows something that you do not.

    2. All ladies are nice just some are nicer than others. (Make that Men for AAC and Ken)

    3. If it is Alcoholic wet and paid for drink it you do not have to like it.

    What did you pass on to your bit of Skin?

  2. I think they probably call them Sea Parents, Guardians, Adopted Mentors, Non-Gender Specific Counsellors or something like that.
  3. Full ahead together flood Q
  4. Me thinks you have been on too many Equal Ops courses TattooDog! :grin:

  5. well i have a seadad.... hes very good to me..... :twisted: :shock: :razz:
  6. A gronk in the bunk is better than a sock!
  7. Surely that depends on the gronk! :shock:
  8. Never leave a pi**ed shipmate on his own when you are foreign.
    Even if you don't particularly like him or know him that well, take him back onboard.

    Notice I said "him" there.
    Face it, there's never going to be a pi**ed female matelot alone, is there!! :D
  9. Useful Check List

    Before tapping off with a woman in a foreign port, look for the following:

    Nice Face?
    Nice Adam's Apple?
    Nice Tits?
    Nice Arse?
    Nice Legs?

    It saves a lot of time and a lot of hassle!
  10. AAC

    See my words of advice No2.

  11. Have you seen Slim's sock?
  12. Ater three days at sea its legal!
    (in todays PC climate its probably legal anytime)

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