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War Hero
Yep, watched it, thought it was a decent watch.

Interesting to note the band are now recruiting singers & guitarists. Was surprised to see one of the guys going for drummer bugler could hardly squeeze a note out of it (he failed) and the singer who wouldn't step off a 5 metre diving board, pass - although she sounded a pretty decent singist. At the end, she jibbed training, which did not come as a surprise - those first 15 weeks military training at the Commando Training Centre are gruelling & I'd guess that's where she bailed-out, although I could be wrong.

Downside? It didn't accurately portray the high standard these young musicians arrive at RNSM but on a positive side, it did show the holistic angle of selection - it ain't just about being musically proficient.

I couldn't decide whether the female RN PTI had better tatts than the RM PTI - too close to call ;)
I did wonder why she left after being so happy about getting through....if that's the case at least they aren't slipping standards just because she was a good singer!!! I used to play clarinet but quit when it wasn't cool, I regret that now, only made grade 6 but would have been really into joining from school!!! The one who failed the bugle might have just been nervous but didn't really seem bothered about any of it.....


War Hero
I took the slow train to RM Deal for my audition many moons ago, whilst still in secondary school. To my lasting regret, although I got offered a place, I got a job nearer to home instead, hated it, left, joined as a Stoker instead. Same difference.

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