Sea Cadets?

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Shouldn't there be a separate board for the Sea Cadets as well?

    The ACF board on ARRSE seems to be quite popular, so I can imagine a SCC board would go down well here too.
  2. Done ....
  3. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    The first puddle pirate who tries to pull rank on me gets his head kicked in!!!
  4. Just cos they're bigger than you doesn't make them bullies :p
  5. Have you seen the gits in Raleigh marching around like they are the next best thing. Even had a cadet P.O try and order me about once, put an end to that quickly :evil:
  6. Sea cadets? Not sure what they are. We always called them Space Cadets many moons ago when I was young
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    They're the future of the RN seemingly..... 8O
  8. All the ones I knew were bolshy know it alls who always managed to drop everyone else in it. Not on my list of favourites
  9. PMSL, i was a Cadet Under Officer in the CCF.I had more badges than a Scout when i was a Cadet Coxn.Cooks branch badge from Cookery course at HMS Pembroke,Skill at arms 1st Class from Barry Buddon,3 GCB's.I think the SCC is a great way of keeping the kids off the street and getting them to be part of the Community.I was a POMA(SCC) a nuber of years ago and had a great time at TS's Vancouver,Dreadnought and the unit in Cambridge.
  10. i teach them sea cadets and i am all too aware that a lot of the current training team at Raleigh "hate" sea Cadets so i coach mine that join to keep thier gobs shut, pretend they know nothing and keep thier heads down.

    last time i was at raleigh i ended up toe to to with a SWOB in the POs Mess and put her straight on a few things...

    yes most cadets turned recruits are gob shites - the system makes them that way - it tells them they are better than civy teenagers, (sound familiar) and tells them they are the next generation of matelots/airmen/squaddies yet when they get to thier part 1 - most treat them like SH1T and assume the worst. not the cadets fault and a lot of you go out your way to make them quit when it was thier lifes dream to be a jenny wren or a jack tar.

    ease up next time you meet one eh? They admire and respect you from the minute they meet you - you dont have to impress them, they are already in awe of you as you are "the real deal"

  11. Well said rincewind!(You found the Luggage yet???)
  12. Yeah. :)

    sorry went into rant mode...... my cadets are fcuking nice people - i know - i made them and as an ex soldier in a SCC environment i hope i can impart on them the importance of team work, and always looking after your oppos.

  13. Nowt like a weee rant to clear the tubes!I kind of got conned into the SCC,i started as the Admin officer in Cambridge then went into uniform.My 1st course was a First Aid course at Haslar.Raised a few eyebrows in the senior rates mess.LOL!
  14. you might know andy [email protected]@@@ne then - he a Lt at Cambridge and used to be something to do with Shooting.


    Serious Fun (serious sense of humour test more like :) )
  15. Not wanting to swing the lamp too much but when Sea Cadets joined the Service through HMS Ganges, they were so highly thought of that they were nearly always made the "Leading Junior" of their class, Class Leader in HMS Raleigh speak.
  16. LOL Fats Free****e!Yep and Nick Sh**p.
  17. Sorry to disalution you Ratrat, but the worse thing I did when I entered Ganges in 1950 was to mention I was a Sea Cadet. The reply was " well, we will soon knock that out of you" They tried but didn't succeed.

    But I suppose times change - hope so.

    I have been involve with the Navy Cadets (as they are known in Oz) for the last three years. This is a new T/S and have a great bunch of kids. Prior to that I was a Scout Leader for 35 years
  18. good stuff sidon!

    i do think you learn a lot about yourself when you start teaching young people. plus the satisfaction you get from them learning is fantastic.

  19. Keeps you young as well
  20. 8)

    I was a Sea Cadet in the 80s and then joined up. Still in and it did me no harm whatsoever. Didn't have too many snags in training and certainly knew how to keep my kit up to speed better than all the landlubbers...

    To all the SCC units out there, keep up the good work. To anyone thinking of helping out - go for it, it makes a difference.

    :D Oh well, enough from some old fool of a sailor....

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