Sea Cadets?


Shouldn't there be a separate board for the Sea Cadets as well?

The ACF board on ARRSE seems to be quite popular, so I can imagine a SCC board would go down well here too.

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Reservist-Monkey said:
the_matelot said:
The first puddle pirate who tries to pull rank on me gets his head kicked in!!!

Just cos they're bigger than you doesn't make them bullies :p

Have you seen the gits in Raleigh marching around like they are the next best thing. Even had a cadet P.O try and order me about once, put an end to that quickly :evil:


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PMSL, i was a Cadet Under Officer in the CCF.I had more badges than a Scout when i was a Cadet Coxn.Cooks branch badge from Cookery course at HMS Pembroke,Skill at arms 1st Class from Barry Buddon,3 GCB's.I think the SCC is a great way of keeping the kids off the street and getting them to be part of the Community.I was a POMA(SCC) a nuber of years ago and had a great time at TS's Vancouver,Dreadnought and the unit in Cambridge.


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i teach them sea cadets and i am all too aware that a lot of the current training team at Raleigh "hate" sea Cadets so i coach mine that join to keep thier gobs shut, pretend they know nothing and keep thier heads down.

last time i was at raleigh i ended up toe to to with a SWOB in the POs Mess and put her straight on a few things...

yes most cadets turned recruits are gob shites - the system makes them that way - it tells them they are better than civy teenagers, (sound familiar) and tells them they are the next generation of matelots/airmen/squaddies yet when they get to thier part 1 - most treat them like SH1T and assume the worst. not the cadets fault and a lot of you go out your way to make them quit when it was thier lifes dream to be a jenny wren or a jack tar.

ease up next time you meet one eh? They admire and respect you from the minute they meet you - you dont have to impress them, they are already in awe of you as you are "the real deal"



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Yeah. :)

sorry went into rant mode...... my cadets are fcuking nice people - i know - i made them and as an ex soldier in a SCC environment i hope i can impart on them the importance of team work, and always looking after your oppos.