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I'm a parent of two daughters, both SC's at one of the 'award winning' Units in the Northern Area of the SC's.

The older daughter loves the offshore, loves the training that's available and tries to make the most of them. Younger daughter is following in her footsteps. Both girls have really thrown themselves into it and, from that point of view, I can say it's fantastic for kids gaining confidence etc and every minute of time the adult volunteers put in is appreciated by cadets and parents alike.

BUT I have to say the comment from Purple Twiglet ( "I no longer have the slightest interest in supporting the SCC because it just comes across as a politics riven organisation more concerned with staff status than helping kids" ) had me nodding by head in total agreement.

I find in our Unit it is very much about the Officers promoting themselves and getting what they can out of it, rather than it being for the benefit of the kids ! If I hear once more about how the adult volunteers have full time jobs and go above and beyond to volunteer to the SCCs I will scream ! Yes, we know they have jobs ! Yes, we are all very appreciative of what they do - but should what they are doing not be about the success of the kids at the Unit, rather than blowing smoke up their own posteriors all the time and wanting this constant praise ! There have been occasions when I've wanted to take a box of bonio and give them all a pat on the head as I refuse to stretch to the 'kissing their butts' that seems to be expected!

If you dare to question them or disagree .... gord help you as that seems to be like shredding the holy grail !


Fully agree with you there Scottish Lass I've met some like that and it does grind my gears to say the least but hopefully you will find most of them a little more down to earth and there for the right reasons, Good to hear that your girls are getting the most out of being part of the SCC and hope they continue to enjoy it, Could you and other like minded parents get together and form a Parents Supporters committee or join up and help steer the unit away from the self seekers?
No SCC Supp, you'd certainly feel like you were trampling on toes if the parents not involved in the Management Committee formed up to be a PSC ... I think we would be ousted pretty quick.

I've actually found that once they get their core 'groupies' in place on their management committee that they actually don't want and won't really accept help from the rest of the parents.

I think we are just meant to jump to salute when we get a newsletter come home giving us a few days notice to raise sponsorship for some last minute, half-hearted sponsored job they have come up with and then get frowned on if we dare to say that we have other things organised that day and the kids aren't available. As a parent it sometimes feels like it's very much "You drop off child and pay your monthly fee and, if your very lucky, you'll be invited to the yearly prize giving, but please don't make suggestions or try to help as we know what we're doing and don't want you involved".

Tis a shame but you do kind of give up and do just that - take the kids, drop them off, pick them up and do no more. If I have to go in for the prize giving I am out the door as soon as it's finished as I refuse to be one of the 'ignored' parents who are made to feel really uncomfortable for daring to be there !


By the sounds of it I'm glad I don't belong to that unit and unfortunately I have some experience of places like that with water tight cliques when we travel and meet up with other units but thankfully on the whole they haven't been like that or your one, I'm of the opinion that the only thing holding back individual units is the units themselves by excluding parents like yourself from helping or being allowed the positive input that you would give, Sorry to hear of your experience in a place that's supposed to be enjoyed by the kids and their families which the SCC is really what it's all about is there a nearby town with another unit you could try out?

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As someone who served in TS Bethel in Plymouth, I'm amazed the SCC continues to this day. My father -ex RN - suggested I leave. The People in charge-he suggested-were" doubtful"

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