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Just got my start date for the 13th July, I was told in my interview back in april it was £33,??? plus the allowance of £4,??? but i understand the allowance has now been scrapped? does anyone know what the new starting salary is ?
I assume you will start off as 3/o se band c so that will be £33,707 its all been consolidated so that includes the allowance of £3,072 and you also get £425 cant remember what that is actually for though
Its been consolidated into your salary. So lets say for argument sake you earned 30k a year, you were then paid an additional £3072 a year and it appeared on the pay slip as rfa allowance of £256 a month. They have incorporated it in to your salary now so your salary would be £33072 and the rfa allowance disappears off the pay slip. Hopefully makes a bit of sense

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yeh sorry i repeated myself ha, thats a few G's difference from what i was told in the interview, i signed the form there and then and haven't been told of any changes so will i still be entitled to the allowance?
So basically it's starting at £34,007 then - quite happy with that tbh.

Previously it was stated £27k plus the £3k RFA allowance from the recruitment page.

I went to interview expecting the £30k but was told £33.7k which was a pleasant suprise.

I've just checked the recruitment page again and it's now listed as £27,811 with no mention of RNR payment or RFA allowance (as expected).

There's a fair gulf between the figures advertised and actually paid.
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