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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Jay92, Jul 4, 2015.

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  1. Just got my start date for the 13th July, I was told in my interview back in april it was £33,??? plus the allowance of £4,??? but i understand the allowance has now been scrapped? does anyone know what the new starting salary is ?
  2. I assume you will start off as 3/o se band c so that will be £33,707 its all been consolidated so that includes the allowance of £3,072 and you also get £425 cant remember what that is actually for though
  3. Redistribution and consolidation of SOTA, station allowances, various qualification allowances, various other allowances.
  4. Its been consolidated into your salary. So lets say for argument sake you earned 30k a year, you were then paid an additional £3072 a year and it appeared on the pay slip as rfa allowance of £256 a month. They have incorporated it in to your salary now so your salary would be £33072 and the rfa allowance disappears off the pay slip. Hopefully makes a bit of sense

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  5. Pay for a 3/O SE at Band C is £33,707 pa plus the Sponsored Reservist payment of £300 pa. Nice and simple!
  6. It looks like im talking to myself but he must have deleted a comment
  7. yeh sorry i repeated myself ha, thats a few G's difference from what i was told in the interview, i signed the form there and then and haven't been told of any changes so will i still be entitled to the allowance?
  8. If you are being employed as a 3/O SE at Band C the above applies.
  9. Is the RNR payment accross twelve months or is it a one off lump sum?
  10. £25 per month
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  11. So basically it's starting at £34,007 then - quite happy with that tbh.

    Previously it was stated £27k plus the £3k RFA allowance from the recruitment page.

    I went to interview expecting the £30k but was told £33.7k which was a pleasant suprise.

    I've just checked the recruitment page again and it's now listed as £27,811 with no mention of RNR payment or RFA allowance (as expected).

    There's a fair gulf between the figures advertised and actually paid.
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  12. I've not been able to find any of the pay scales at all online which is somewhat annoying.
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